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Jungle Boy isn’t happy about title defense Christian booked for Jurassic Express

Tensions have been simmering for a little while now between Jungle Boy and his mentor Christian Cage. Many thought they’d boil over at Double or Nothing, but Jungle Jack & Luchasaurus managed to survive the Triple Threat AEW World Tag title defense Cage booked for them there.

Perhaps things were looking up? Not so much...

In a scene on this week’s Dynamite that included Christian reminding their rivals and the audience that Jungle Boy took the fall in a ten man match last week, the veteran also put JE in a Ladder Match title defense for June 15. Against two guys who helped pioneer ladder match in The Hardys, and two guys who picked up the mantle from people like Matt & Jeff and Edge & Christian in The Young Bucks.

And if his face didn’t make it clear enough there, he’s also speechless on social...

Maybe Jack just doesn’t think Jeff Hardy should be working a ladder match any time soon?

Whatever Jungle Boy’s issue, his three-way Tag title defense is one of four matches booked for next Wednesday’s Road Rager edition of Dynamite:

  • Chris Jericho vs. Ortiz in a Hair vs. Hair match
  • Miro vs. Ethan Page in an All-Atlantic title match qualifier
  • Wardlow wants a TNT title shot, but first he has to defeat 20 security guards in Smart Mark Sterling’s Class Action Elimination match

Sound like fun? For everybody but JB, that is.