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Tony Khan never considered vacating the AEW World title, even though he’s ‘nervous’ about CM Punk’s surgery

All Elite Wrestling

We don’t know how long CM Punk will be sidelined with his foot injury, and uncertainty about that has contributed to the reaction to AEW leaving their World title on the 43 year old they crowned at Double or Nothing.

It sounds like Tony Khan never considered any other option, as Punk explained on this week’s Road To video:

“I probably wasn’t as clear as I should have been [explaining the situation on Rampage]. I offered to relinquish the title, but Tony told me that under no circumstances was I allowed to do that. It means a lot to me that this place as a whole believes in me enough to let me just go get fixed.”

Speaking on Busted Open today (June 8), TK discussed Punk’s injury. He doesn’t offer a lot of details, but admits to some anxiety mixed in with his optimism about the champ’s return:

“It is a setback, but we’re really excited to get CM Punk back. He’s gonna have surgery here very quickly and I am very nervous about it, but on the other hand, pretty optimistic because he’s gonna be seeing one of the top doctors in the entire world and someone really renowned in sports medicine. We were fortunate to be able to get him in quickly. So I’m excited to get him back.”

Khan also explained his thinking behind the interim title:

“[It’s] Based on what happens in real fights, and to me, in the world of fighting, this is what you do. You have a great champion, and if they’re injured, you name an interim champion and set up an exciting unification fight. And I think we have a great chance to set something exciting up.”

Sounds good, but I think we’ll all be a little nervous until we get some positive news about Punk’s surgery.

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