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AEW Rewind: Ortiz picking on Chris Jericho’s vanity, MJF singing DMX, more!

Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media bits and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Wednesday night Dynamite.

This week’s ‘Road to’ video hyped the AEW Interim World Championship Eliminator Series caused by CM Punk’s injury, Hangman Page’s first step back to the top starting with NJPW’s David Finlay, and Ortiz plotting with Eddie Kingston to pick on Chris Jericho.

Santana and Ortiz are underutilized commodities in AEW, so it is always a treat when they get promo time. Ortiz explained his gameplan to manipulate Jericho’s vanity.

Ortiz: Hey, Christopher. Predictable as ever, You didn0t think we knew you were going to have one of your victory speeches? Predictable as ever.

We wanted to hurt you. I wanted to hurt you where it hurts the most. Because punching you, beating you to a bloody pulp, you can heal from all that. But the one thing, the one thing you hold above else is your vanity.

You think this is over? You think Anarchy in the Arena was it, huh? You think that was it?

Every chance we get, on sight, Christopher. Your hair. I’m taking it all. It’s coming home with me.

Ortiz versus Jericho in hair versus hair is booked for the June 15 edition of Dynamite. Ortiz also had mic time on Dark. His singular focus is taking Jericho’s hair. That is only way to really hurt him.

Touching on other interesting nuggets from Elevation and Dark, Miyu Yamashita debuted in tag team action. She is a three-time Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling Princess of Princess Champion. PAC wrestled, so Julia Hart’s mist must not be very potent yet. Christopher Daniels was ringside to support Frankie Kazarian to excite the California crowd for an SCU pop. That may be something to keep an eye on, or it could be nothing. Lance Archer was the de facto babyface when wrestling Aaron Solo. Again, that may be something to keep an eye on, or it could be nothing. Archer is an equal opportunity Murderhawk Monster after all.

Enjoy a kooky trailer for Carpool Karaoke with AEW wrestlers. Highlights are CM Punk and Bryan Danielson arguing about a plant and MJF singing DMX.

Tony Schiavone was the latest guest on RJ City’s talk show, Hey! (EW). They discussed Tony’s career resurrection, working at a coffee establishment, and going to the movies with Eddie Kingston. Word association for his broadcast partners were best smelling as Bobby Heenan, best tailored pants as Gene Okerlund, widest vocabulary as Excalibur, most frequent urinator as Jim Ross, and best BBQ sauce as Jim Ross.

Being the Elite

“Welcome Home Young Bucks” - Being The Elite, Ep. 310 featured:

  • Highlights of the Young Bucks’ entrance in their hometown return on Rampage.
  • Highlights of the Bucks in the 10-man tag from Dynamite.
  • Nick Jackson basked in the moment backstage performing in The Forum.
  • John Silver did an impression of Robert De Niro doing an impression of Stu Grayson.
  • Peter Avalon and Leva Bates celebrated old times in Las Vegas. After several adult beverages, they entered a wedding chapel. Cut to waking up the next morning in separate beds in the same room. Cue the Hangover photo montage to figure out what happened. To be continued, I think?
  • The Bucks were excited about wrestling in Ontario, California. When Tony Khan gave them an open pick for opponents, they chose the Lucha Bros. The Jacksons put over Fenix & Pentagon as the best tag team in the world, besides themselves.
  • Slow-motion posing from the Bucks.
  • Mark Sterling’s commercial for a lawsuit against Wardlow.
  • Ryan Nemeth, Alex Reynolds, and a third dude strutted down the hallway as hunks. They all spit out milk.
  • Westside Gunn challenged the Bucks’ style game.
  • Reynolds and Silver tried to tutor Chuck Taylor to be scary. He planned to surprise the next person that walked by. Kris Statlander strolled in, no-sold Chuck’s scream, then kneed him in the groin.
  • Match highlights of Bucks versus Lucha Bros. Matt and Nick celebrated with family and friends.
  • Peter Avalon entered the venue with Ray Rosas. They confused the start time and arrived late after the show.

We’ll close with a triple dose of the Acclaimed and the Ass Boys. First is Max Caster’s rap from Dark.

Max Caster and the Gunn sons had an odd pair of promos hyping tickets for an upcoming event. They went the odd route with Austin and Colten kidnapping Max.

Then they played it straight. A little too straight.

All that’s left is a scissor party!

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