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‘An edict’ reportedly issued at Warner Bros. Discovery regarding MJF

All Elite Wrestling

As the wrestle web has been documenting since Maxwell Jacob Friedman’s big promo on the June 1 Dynamite, AEW has been meticulous with the details of their worked shoot storyline surrounding MJF’s contract dispute with Tony Khan.

The segment itself hasn’t been promoted or even mentioned. Friedman’s been removed from the company’s roster, and his merchandise pulled from their online store. PWInsider has a source at AEW’s television partner Warner Bros. Discovery who told them that “late last week” “an edict" was issued "to remove MJF from all promotional spots and commercials for AEW programming going forward.”

“MJF is currently being edited out of any TBS and TNT spots he appears in with different AEW footage replacing him. We are told that the existing spots with MJF have been officially pulled but it’s possible some may still pop up as they transition to the newer spots.”

My first read on this was that the edict came from Tony Khan & AEW, which seemed ludicrous. But that may have been a misinterpretation on my part, or a bit of dramatic license from Insider or their source. Either way, this is another sign AEW is deeply committed to this storyline, and that TBS & TNT are pretty sold on the vision.

Or it’s all real. [shrug emoji]

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