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AEW Dark Elevation recap (June 6, 2022): Death to the Wingmen

Episode 66 of AEW Dark: Elevation is in the books! If you missed the live broadcast click here for the Cageside Seats stream. The announce team of Tony Schiavone, Mark Henry and Paul Wight called the action. Let’s talk about what went down on Elevation this week!

Aaron Solo, Anthony Ogogo, Nick Comoroto, & QT Marshall vs. John Silver, Pres10 Vance, Alan “5” Angels, & Alex Reynolds

The Factory brought a record of 1-0 in the mythical 8-man tag division. I don’t know whey that even matters when you consider that their Dark Order opponents had the exact same record. Paul Wight: “In a drawer full of spoons, Evil Uno’s the knife.” Nick Comoroto got in John Silver’s face and gave him a shove even though Alex Reynolds was the legal man, so Reynolds tagged him in. Comoroto dared him to do something and got down on his knees, so Silver kicked him right in the face. Solo tagged in and got a high back body drop. After some double team action Marshall returned the favor with Comoroto’s help so the heels could work Reynolds over. Henry took a moment of this to praise Ogogo by saying “They don’t just hand out those invitations to the Olympics.” Reynolds ate a sit out powerbomb from Marshall for a near fall. Marshall tried to use a steel chair, Uno stole it from him, and then Edwards threw him out for cheating! Now Dark Order was at a 4-on-3 disadvantage. Vance tagged in took out Comoroto with a flying shoulder block, tagged in Angels, and Marshall broke up the pin. Silver kicked him out of the ring and did a cannonball to the floor. Ogogo pulled Vance out and threw him into the barricade. Ogogo threw Angels in the air for the the right hand and got the win for his team.

Frankie Kazarian vs. Serpentico

Serpentico came out sans Luther with a singles record of 12-80. Wight: “He’s missing his better half right now!” I disagree Paul. Kazarian got the home town pop as he came to the ring, accompanied by Christopher Daniels, sporting a singles record of 71-31. The fans in the Forum chanted “S.C.U.” in response. Coincidentally right before this match AEW aired a package putting over how happy everyone was to be in this venue, with Kazarian noting that he had seen everyone from Korn to Ice Cube in this building. Schiavone also pointed out that Kazarian has his own band named Gutter Candy, and presumably he was thinking they might get a show of their own in this venue one day. Kazarian hit Serpentico so hard with a chop he tried to get a time out. His DDT was more effective though as it turned into a two count. Instead of following up on it he started arguing with Daniels on the outside, giving Kazarian the chance to light him up with more chops. Serpentico slide out of the ring to argue with Daniels some more, and Kazarian ran all the way around the to wipe him out. Kaz pulled him back into the ring off the apron with a slingshot cutter and got the pin. For Serpentico no other result was even remotely possible.

Nyla Rose & Serena Deeb vs. Skye Blue & Miyu Yamashita

Rose and Deeb came out first with records of 66-28 and 20-6. Vickie Guerrero did not accompany Rose this time for whatever reason. Blue and Yamashita were not billed individually but as “making their tag team debut.” Given Blue’s record in singles action that might be for the best. Schiavone put over Yamashita as one of the best athletes from the Tokyo Joshi Pro roster. Rose put a hurting on Blue and tagged in Deeb to continue the beatdown. Blue escaped with a forward roll and a couple of arm drags to tag Yamashita in. Yamashita gave her a knee to the body and a kick to the head for a one count. Yamashita gave her a spinning leg drop for a near fall. Deeb decided to dragon screw the legs of both of her opponents then gave Blue a suplex while she had Yamashita tied up in knots. That caused the crowd to chant Deeb’s name, forcing Henry to acknowledge on commentary that even if they don’t like her they respect her. Actually I think they like her, period.

Rose and Deeb cut off the ring to work Yamashita over while Blue waited patiently for a tag. Yamashita and Rose had a couple of spots that didn’t go cleanly, but they were enough for her to escape and tag in Blue. Rose missed a cannonball in the corner, Blue tried a sunset flip, but Yamashita had to hit a springboard to help her get a near fall. Rose gave Blue a spinebuster, Deeb gave Yamashita an uppercut on the floor, Blue got draped over the ropes and Rose gave her the leg drop. Deeb did the implant buster but instead of going for the pin right there transitioned to the Serenity Lock to force Blue to submit.

Death Triangle vs. The Wingmen

The Wingmen sported a trios record of 1-0. After the lights went out for an extended period of time, Penta popped up behind the tombstone to a huge pop, flanked by PAC on his left and Fenix on his right. Each man was billed by their individual records, and all three were accompanied by Alex Abrahantes. Triangle took out Bononi right away and then did suicide dives with a springboard moonsault in the middle to wipe the Wingmen out on the floor. Bononi was bout to be pinned when Nemeth and Avalon made the save. Bononi hammered on Penta’s back to a chorus of boos. He hit a slam and tagged in Avalon, who hit a couple moves and tagged Nemeth in, and Penta gave him a slingblade before tagging his brother Fenix. Nemeth and Avalon collided with each other, Nemeth ate stereo superkicks, Bononi caught Fenix doing a springboard cross body, but Fenix escaped and PAC tagged in for a shotgun dropkick. Avalon tried and failed to jump him. Penta tagged back in as PAC grounded Nemeth with a Brutalizer, while Penta and Fenix hit Bononi with the Fear Factor to get the win. PAC refused to release the Brutalizer until well after the bell. Fun main event!

What to watch/skip

This week’s “what to watch/skip” is brought to you by “Triangulo 2.0.” With only four matches on this episode the usual “watch” and “skip” will be changed to a ranking system. I rank the main event No. 1 just because it was fun to see Death Triangle destroy the geeks of the week. I’ll put Kazarian vs. Serpentico second because Kaz and Daniels got reactions that elevated a squash match into a really fun ass kicking. Even though I didn’t enjoy Evil Uno being thrown out for doing nothing, you have to get the heat on the heels somehow and it was better worked than the women’s tag. I hate to put it No. 4 but Yamashita and Rose just couldn’t get on the right page when they were working with each other. It was a mess.

Cageside commentary crew! Share your thoughts in the comments section below. If you love pro wrestling find me on Twitter too. See you tomorrow night for AEW Dark!

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