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Athena and Ember Moon had a busy week on television

We’ve had wrestlers appear on two different company’s television programs in the same night before, but I don’t think anyone’s ever pulled off the trick Athena/Ember Moon did this week.

She needed a lot of help to pull it off, including but not limited to something that shut down production on 99% of all TV series for more than a year and a revamping of WWE’s entire developmental program. But those two things have happened since Masterchef Junior filmed the 13th episode of its eighth season, so in between Athena’s AEW television debut and her AEW in-ring one, Ember Moon guest-starred on FOX’s reality competition show.

At 9pm ET on June 2, Moon joined The Miz, Natalya & Dolph Ziggler for the “WWE Tag Team: episode of Masterchef Junior. Each kitchen-challenged wrestler was partnered with one of the show’s remaining four children cooks.

They were tasked with presenting the judges with a platter of finger foods. The catch was only one could work on it at a time, and they had to change who was doing so whenever Gordon Ramsey & company yelled, “Switch!”

Ember’s partner, Grayson, didn’t win the challenge. Their cucumber sauce on their lamb meatballs was a little too dense. Their curry chicken puffs were light on the chicken. The beef on their horseradish popovers needed a better sear. Natalya & Liya did, on what turned out to be a pretty good week for BOAT. Miz, who is very good at the whole reality TV thing, and his partner Ivy were definitely the most entertaining.

But at least Grayson wasn’t eliminated at the end of the night (that would be Dolph’s partner, Molly). And the week wasn’t over for Moon, either. Last night (June 3) on Rampage, she debuted some sweet entrance gear...

... then beat Baddie Kiera Hogan as she’s been launched right into a TBS title feud with Jade Cargill.

Gonna be hard to top all that, but we look forward to seeing Athena try.

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