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Chris Jericho warns the MJFs on AEW’s roster

AEW’s YouTube

Last weekend when the situation between All Elite Wrestling and Maxwell Jacob Friedman felt more shoot than work, reports were members of the AEW roster had been instructed not to comment on the situation.

Now that MJF has aired his grievances publicly via a promo on Wednesday night’s Dynamite, the debate rages about when this became a storyline both Tony Khan & MJF were collaborating on — and if they were “working the boys” at any point in the process.

This tweet from Chris Jericho is an interesting piece of the puzzle. The veteran doesn’t mention Friedman explicitly, but it’s pretty clear it’s in reference to what’s been going on with his former stablemate and rival. It’s also probably a sign Jericho is now in on the work, or maybe always has been. But it also works as advice/a warning for talent that may be unhappy with their current pay... something that may still apply to MJF, even if TK is letting him complain about it on air.

Having a heel like Jericho come out in support of Khan & AEW management will probably cause some anxiety among fans & industry observers who are worried that this angle is turning the company itself heel. But it is another nice attention to detail touch.

Or is Jericho is a mark TK & Max are working like the rest of us? Unless it’s all real?

Pro wrestling will melt your brain, y’all.

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