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AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door results: Jay White retains in historic 4way

Three hours into the show (four if you count The Buy In), the United Center crowd was still amped to see the IWGP World Heavyweight title match — and especially New Japan’s current ace Kazuchika Okada.

Chicago chanted “Holy Shit” as champion Jay White, Adam Cole, Hangman Page & Okada stared each other down to start Forbidden Door’s penultimate match. White took advantage of the rare IWGP multi-man and bailed at the bell, and his Bullet Club bro Cole followed him. They largely stayed on the same page for much of the match, teaming up to deal with the good guys.

Until they didn’t, of course. The AEW star “Too Sweeted” the Switchblade, then hit him with the backstabber.

It was every man for himself for there. Hangman looked to have the match won after hitting Deadeye and a Buckshot lariat on the champ, but the Rainmaker broke up the pin. That gave us the showdown many fans wanted to see at Forbidden Door... including Page himself. That was interrupted by Cole, and it was in his sequence with Okada that we got the debut of a signature NJPW production gimmick on an AEW broadcast.

Page fought off interference from Switchblade’s manager Gedo, but Cole cut off his comeback with a superkick, but was in jeopardy when Okada hit him with a sit out tombstone. He tried to follow-up with his Rainmaker finisher, but White took him out with Bladerunner.

The champ threw his rival from the ring and pinning Cole, who sold an injury after the bell in a move that could cover for some time off for a star who’s been working through injury.

For now, New Japan’s top prize left AEW & New Japan’s first joint PPV with the NJPW wrestler who brought it to Chicago.

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