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Christian’s new shirt is tremendous

When Christian signed with AEW as the “biggest scoop ever” in March 2021, he joined the company as a babyface with the highest work ethic. The slogan “Out. Work. Everyone.” was plastered all over his merchandise.

Following last week’s heel turn, Captain Charisma cut his first promo as a douchebag on last night’s episode of Dynamite. He explained that the only reason he signed with AEW was for the very large paycheck; he was quite happy standing around in Jungle Boy’s corner and doing minimal work in 2022.

Christian also revealed that his animosity towards Jungle Boy goes back a full year to his elimination at Boy’s hands during the Casino Battle Royal at Double or Nothing 2021. Putting it all together, Christian fooled everyone for a full year about both his work ethic and his support of Jungle.

With that context in mind, Christian’s new shirt for his heel turn is a perfect follow-up to last year’s babyface iteration: “Worked. Everyone.”

Are you gonna dump on Luke Perry and order Christian’s new AEW shirt, Cagesiders?

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