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Christian brings up Luke Perry in ruthless explanation for turning on Jungle Boy

A week ago, Christian Cage shocked the world (alright, most of us saw it coming for months, but work with me here) by attacking his mentee Jungle Boy after Jurassic Express lost the AEW Tag titles. He delivered a con-chair-to to one of the company’s Young Pillars, then told his mom she’d raised a piece of shit.

On the June 22 Dynamite, Cage was out to explain.

He told Tony Schiavone it all goes back to Jack Perry eliminating Christian from the Casino Battle Royale last year. Worse than costing Cage a World title shot and a roster bonus, it was the reaction of the fans. Cage is a legend... how dare people cheer him being eliminated from a battle royal?!?!

Heel Christian was in full effect here, taking a second to deliver a message to any young wrestlers who feel they’re underpaid (hmmm... who could that be?) before revealing his entire friendship with Jungle Boy was just a way to make some easy money. He rode the gravy train as long as he could. Cage also addressed his exchange with Mama Perry, which ended with him telling Jack his late father would be embarrassed by him.

That brought out Luchasaurus, and it seemed the dinosaur man was going to choke Christian out in the ring. But Cage talked him down, and seemed to make some headway into recruiting him to his side.

A great segment, and an epic promo — but many will say it went too far bringing Luke Perry into it.

Let us know what you think, and get complete results and coverage of everything that happened on tonight’s Forbidden Door go home edition of Dynamite here.

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