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Thunder Rosa puts an end to her sandbagging drama with Marina Shafir

Thunder Rosa’s match against Marina Shafir on the June 8 episode of Dynamite was a bit of a mess. There were several moments where the two wrestlers didn’t gel well together in the ring. Afterwards, Rosa was accused of sandbagging Shafir in an intentional effort to make her look bad. In response, the AEW women’s world champion indicated that the allegations against her were not true; she has nothing but respect for her opponents.

That’s why it was noteworthy after last night’s (June 15) Dynamite taping when Rosa sent out the following tweet:

Today day we take responsibility and work on being better. Because at the end of the day we break bread. Two mothers navigating a world in where we both never ending learners.

Rosa’s opening sentence sounds like an admission of some truth to the sandbagging accusation. Regardless, it appears that Rosa and Shafir squashed whatever beef existed here, and are both ready to learn from this and move on.

And that’s very likely the end of this strange sandbagging drama.

What do you make of Rosa’s tweet, Cagesiders?

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