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Thunder Rosa accused of sandbagging Marina Shafir on Dynamite last week

AEW’s hastily booked Women’s title match on the June 8 Dynamite wasn’t a masterpiece. But watching Thunder Rosa vs. Marina Shafir live on a jam-packed show, it was easy to write that off as two performers who’d never wrestled one another before putting something together on short notice.

With more time to rewatch and analyze the footage, several folks on the wrestle web came to the conclusion there was more going on than lack of chemistry and poor communication. And it wasn’t the less-highly-regarded Shafir who appeared to be to blame.

That does not look great, but I can’t read minds and I’ve never been a pro wrestler, so I don’t like to make pronouncements about situations like this. I’m also not someone who spends a lot of time in anyone’s Twitter “Likes”. But I will pay attention when the people who do point to Shafir and Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. liking tweets which accuse an unnamed wrestler on last week’s Dynamite of “sandbagging and no selling”...

Marina Shafir’s Twitter
Britt Baker’s Twitter

This also resurfaced old allegations of less-than-generous, unprofessional work from the reigning champ. A clip from last fall has been pointed to as Rosa not giving Jade Cargill her back so she had a clean, safe target for chair shots...

... and of course, La Mera Mera’s infamous 2020 match with Ivelisse, which the Puerto Rican wrestler believed led to the end of her time with AEW after Rosa did “everything to damage” her reputation backstage. Ivelisse, who’s back on the independent scene and reigning Shine champion, commented on the controversy:

As, seemingly, has Thunder Rosa:

Let us know what you make of all this in the comments below.

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