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AEW Dark Elevation recap (June 13, 2022): Heidi Howitzer is a great name!

Episode 67 of AEW Dark: Elevation is in the books! If you missed the live broadcast click here for the Cageside Seats stream. The announce team of Excalibur and Mark Henry called the action. Let’s talk about what went down on Elevation this week! This week’s episode opened with a Pride video package for Nyla Rose, which appropriately enough led to the first match. Rose came out with a record of 69-28 overall.

Nyla Rose vs. Max the Impaler

Max the Impaler was waiting in the ring to make their AEW debut. They look like an extra from Conan the Barbarian, although Schiavone implied they might be related to Abadon. Rose hit them in the face with a dropkick. Rose hit a neck breaker and signaled for the Beast Bomb but got a high back bodydrop and a spear instead. Rose got up selling in the corner and Max charged for a spear. Rose stepped out of the way, hoisted them up using the ropes, then hit the Beast Bomb out of the corner for the win. Strong start to the show!

Private Party vs. SK Bishop & Camaro Jackson

Private Party brought a team record of 28-20 to the ring. Jackson and Bishop were (you guessed it) waiting in the ring to make their tag team debut. Henry criticized Bishop for “admiring his own work.” Kassidy held a neck breaker while Quen jumped off the top rope with a shooting star press to get the pin. This was a completely one sided match that quickly led to a promo package for Forbidden Door.

Ortiz vs. Anaya

Ortiz brought a singles record of 43-25 to Elevation ahead of his hair vs. hair match with Chris Jericho on Wednesday. His opponent Anaya was 0-0 in AEW as this was his promotional debut. I don’t think this whole match was a minute bell to bell. Ortiz hit a fisherman buster and got the pin. Henry: “You talk about a quick night!”

Mercedes Martinez & Serena Deeb vs. Miranda Gordy & Tootie Lynn

Martinez and Deeb came out individually with records of 8-3 and 21-6. Justin Roberts was sure to remind us Martinez was the ROH women’s champion, though she was wearing the belt around her waist too. Tootie Lynn and Miranda Gordy were making their AEW debut here, and Excalibur was sure to note the latter is the daughter of the late Terry Gordy. Deeb was reluctant to tag Martinez in, but once she did Martinez took Lynn down and rolled with her on the ground before a delayed vertical suplex that popped the crowd. Deeb was not amused. Deeb tagged in and took over, saying “I’ll show you.” She hit Lynn with a neck breaker and yanked her back to the center of the ring by the leg. Gordy tried to run in for the save but she hit Gordy with a suplex while twisting Lynn’s leg at the same time. Deeb refused the tag so Martinez blind tagged herself in. She hit Gordy with a spinebuster and threw Lynn on top of her for good measure. She dropped Lynn off the top rope then hit a diving elbow to the back of the head. Gordy ran in to break up a Brass City Sleeper, Deeb made the save and then put Gordy in the Serenity Lock, and both women got the tapout. Excalibur: “They might not like each other, they might not even get along, but they’re a hell of a team.” Henry: “If they can get on the same page they’ll be a dominant force.”

“Daddy Magic” Matt Menard & “Cool Hand Ang” Angelo Parker vs. Danny Adams & Warhorse

The former 2point0 came out 10-3 in AEW. Adams & Warhorse were waiting for them in the ring working together for the first time in AEW’s tag team division. Menard and Parker jumped them before the opening bell. Adams popped the crowd by doing the “look down — then don’t see the nose poke coming” spot. He got dropped face first into the turnbuckle for thinking he was funny. Warhorse tagged in and quickly got run over and hit with a double DDT for the pin. We have a lot of short and violent matches on this episode!

Ruby Soho vs. Heidi Howitzer

Soho came out with a record of 31-5 to a raucous crowd reaction, and she was wearing a jacket with a Pride Month message sewn on the back. Howitzer was waiting for her with a record of 0-1. Soho might be known as the punk rock anarchist of women’s wrestling, but Howitzer looks like a larger version of the same thing. In fact size was the way they told the story as Howitzer held a hand over Soho’s head begging for a Greco-Roman knuckle lock up, and they also had Soho try and fail to hit the No Future head kick. Soho finally got on offense and got warned repeatedly by Stephon Smith to get Howitzer out of the corner as she laid in the punches and kicks. Palm strike, head butt, but she failed her attempt to get a Saito suplex. Howitzer came back with a forearm, Soho responded with a neckbreaker using a handful of Howitzer’s braids, then finished her with Destination Unknown. Howitzer may be 0-2 so far in the promotion but I’m already looking forward to her third match.

Evil Uno & Preston “10” Vance vs. The Factory’s QT Marshall & Aaron Solo

This was your Elevation main event for the week. The Factory contingent came out first sporting a team record of 3-4. Henry begged Excalibur to “throw it up” as The Dark Order hit the entrance ramp. Uno and Vance brought records of 61-34 and 62-33 respectively. Uno offered to face Solo with one arm behind his back. The crowd started chanting for him in response, so he took a moment to lay across the top ropes and soak in the adulation. Uno toyed with Solo for a little while before tagging in the big man. Solo immediately ran away and tagged in Marshall, who was promptly booed. He pie faced Vance and got a forearm right back. QT took a chop, Solo tried to run over to help, and he took a chop too. Solo tagged back in and promptly ate a clothesline. Solo attempted a crossbody and got a delayed vertical suplex for his trouble. Uno tagged back in and hit the same move for only a second, so the crowd chanted “one” in response. I’m not going to lie — that made me smile. Marshall pulled down the ropes to send Uno to the floor and hit a sledge. A fan got in QT’s face and he said “You bought a ticket, I get paid to do this, so shut the F##% up.” Yes they actually had to bleep this out for YouTube. Commentary made a joke about being demonitized.

Vance eventually got the hot tag and cleaned house on The Factory, then gave Marshall a spinebuster for good measure. He went for the full nelson, Solo broke it up, Uno ran in and ate a back elbow, Marshall hit Vance with a thrust kick, but Vance hit a discus lariat in return. Uno tagged in for a senton atomico and Marshall kicked out! Uno slashed his throat and gave the signal to Vance, but once again Solo ran in to foil their plans. Marshall hit a diamond cutter but Vance pushed Solo into the pile to make the save. Solo tagged in and was thrown into the corner but Uno moved out of the way. Vance tagged in for a spear, Solo missed with a corkscrew kick, and he ate a springboard hot shot combination. Uno took out Marshall with a dive to the floor and Vance put the full nelson on Solo for the win!

What to watch/skip

For no reason whatsoever this week’s what to watch/skip is brought to you by “I Can’t Decide.” Actually there’s one reason — the song was featured in an episode of Doctor Who. All Elite Wrestling had no problem deciding who should live or die this week, as the only matches that were even slightly competitive were Howitzer vs. Soho and the main event. That makes them the “watch” and the rest of the show the “skip” if you want to get technical about it, but this was a fun sub-one hour episode as are most editions of Elevation. I don’t think you’ll mind seeing Ortiz, Private Party or Nyla Rose kill people that much.

Cageside commentary crew! Share your thoughts in the comments section below. If you love pro wrestling find me on Twitter too. See you tomorrow night for AEW Dark!

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