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MJF demands ‘f***ing mark’ Tony Khan fire him in worked shoot promo on Dynamite


After a weekend of drama in Las Vegas, wrestling fans were very interested in what Maxwell Jacob Friedman would say on the June 1 Dynamite. Would he address no showing a meet & greet at Double or Nothing FanFest? Would he sell his loss to Wardlow?

No, on both counts. But MJF — or should I say Max Friedman, as he clarified to let us know this was “real” — definitely addressed all the issues he’s said to have with Tony Khan. But first he railed on the fans. This portion included a lot of “smart” references to things like star & television ratings, stealing the show and outworked people.

It was not generally well received by the fans in Los Angeles, or at least it was booed the way you’d expect a promo mocking the “marks” in the seats to be treated.

Then he transitioned into his issues with TK, which included gripes about pay and not being appreciated. His lines about the “ex-WWE guys” Khan’s brought in got big cheers from the Kia Forum crowd.

They were unsure how to react to Friedman’s final message though. He doesn’t want to wait until his contract expires in January 2024. He wants Khan to fire him now. Based on the way AEW “cut his mic” and faded to black after he started dropping f-bombs, he thinks he has a path to getting released — call the boss “a fucking mark”.

Note: AEW tweeting and deleted clips of Friedman’s promo to sell it as an unauthorized shoot. You may need to tune in to TBS or TNT to see this angle play out. For now, you can find a full video of the promo here.

We’ll see how it does play out. For now, it’s kind of nice to know that whenever the shoot turned into a work, we’re definitely in kayfabe territory now.

Get complete results and coverage of everything that happened on tonight’s Dynamite here.

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