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Danhausen gave HOOK a birthday gift!

The most pressing question on the mind of nearly every AEW fan is: did we move one step closer to the formation of HOOK-hausen on tonight’s (May 6) episode of Rampage?

After HOOK defeated JD Drake, he was confronted in the ring by Danhausen, who had a special request. You see, Tony Nese challenged Danhausen to a match next week. Nese will have Mark Sterling in his corner for that match. Therefore Danhausen should also have someone in his corner to prevent any funny business from going on. So he stuck his hand out and asked HOOK to be in his corner next week for the fight against Nese.

HOOK was not interested. And he even shoved Danhausen down to the mat after Danhausen got carried away and made the mistake of putting his hands on the handsome devil.

It turns out that Danhausen is pretty clever, though, and he left a birthday present in the ring for HOOK. He even wrapped a bow around it.

The fans, who chanted HOOK-hausen earlier in the segment, cheered HOOK on to accept the bag of chips. HOOK briefly teased doing so, but then he dropped the chips and walked out of the ring.

Oh well. We’re not there yet, but I think we’re moving closer to HOOK-hausen. HOOK just doesn’t realize it yet.

What did you make of this segment, Cagesiders?

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