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Julia Hart hasn’t been completely corrupted by House of Black

At least not yet...

AEW has been slowly teasing the Varsity Blondes/House of Black angle for months. Julia Hart in particular hasn’t been the same since she was hit with Malakai Black’s mist.

It built to an angle on the May 4 Dynamite in Baltimore, involving Brian Pillman Jr. shouting out his father’s old college roommate — head coach John Harbaugh of the NFL’s Ravens.

Calling out the House of Black got Pillman & Griff Garrison House of Black. Malakai, Buddy Matthews & Brody King left the Blondes laying, and gave the group a chance to complete their corruption of Hart. Everything was going to plan, but then Julia just couldn’t bring herself to use a steel chair on Griff.

She was left visibly shaken, and after House of Black’s rivals Death Triangle cleared the ring, we were left with questions. She hasn’t been turned yet, but as she milled about in the aftermath of that scene, can we really say she won’t at some point?

Let us know what you think, and get complete results and coverage of everything that happened on tonight’s Dynamite here.

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