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W. Morrissey can’t stop Wardlow, so MJF will have to do it himself

When Maxwell Jacob Friedman announced the next man he’d hired to punish Wardlow, he told us he was seven feet tall. He also used one of the catchphrases once used to hype a seven footer from WWE. It was enough that pretty much everyone guessed who would show up on the May 4 Dynamite... and everyone was right.

It was Impact’s W. Morrissey, formerly known as WWE’s Big Cass.

The man with an unteachable skill took the fight to Mr. Mayhem early on. He seemed more shaken by the dueling “We Want nZo”/”No We Don’t” chants than he did by MJF’s employee.

The Baltimore crowd was firmly behind Wardlow. Maybe they helped inspire his comeback? He ended things pretty quickly, landing on his feet after a moonsault off the top, then finishing Morrissey with a one powerbomb symphony.

Friedman’s conditions for Wardlow to have matches include his being handcuffed and escorted into and out of the arena each week. When the security team arrived to take him out, the big man took them all out instead. That brought out MJF, who agreed to give War Dog a match to get out of his contract. That match would have conditions of its own, of course. Conditions we’ll find out about next Wednesday when AEW is back on Max’s home turf in Long Island.

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