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Andrade brings RUSH to AEW as his new ‘business partner’

Double or Nothing had technically already featured the introduction of three new members (Wardlow being the technicality, “signed” after getting out of his contract with MJF). But even as the May 29 PPV approached the four hour mark, Tony Khan wasn’t done.

Although in this case, it was the newlywed Andrade El Ídolo who did the signing. A vignette played of Andrade in a boardroom with his assistant Jose. He said he was sick of the losers he inherited with the old Hardy Family Office, so he was bringing in a winner — one of the best wrestlers in the world.

He was bringing in his old Los Ingobernables stablemate and former Ring of Honor World champion, RUSH.

El Toro Blanco, as RUSH is known, was released from his ROH deal along with the rest of the roster when Sinclair put the promotion on hiatus at the end of 2021. This would seem to mean Tony Khan’s signed him for use on one or both of the AEW and ROH rosters.

It’s a great addition to the roster, but it’ll be interesting to see where he fits considering someone like Andrade already has gotten last at times since he’s been All Elite.

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