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AEW Double or Nothing 2022 results: Jericho Appreciation Society wins Anarchy in the Arena

Shit hit the fan at AEW Double or Nothing tonight (Sun., May 29, 2022) in Paradise, Nevada, as the first ever “Anarchy in the Arena” match was held. It featured The Jericho Appreciation Society taking on Blackpool Combat Club, Santana & Ortiz, and Eddie Kingston.

They were brawling all over the damn arena! Even while “Wild Thing” continued blaring through the speakers and fans were singing along, the wrestlers out among them just beating the trash out of each other. When the song reached its end, they just went ahead and ran it back.

Let me tell you, it was one hell of a vibe.

Matt Menard was badly cut open, from what I couldn’t even tell you, but his face was a crimson mask. He continued brawling with Kingston despite looking like he couldn’t even see.

The music played all the way up until Jericho and Moxley fought to the soundboard and Jericho tore the cords out and put a stop to it. When they finally showed some action in the ring, it was Santana & Ortiz flying out of it to put Jake Hager through a table. Every time they cut to Bryan Danielson he was punching someone in the face.

Someone had a mix of blood and mustard all over them, and no I could not tell you how that happened. Moxley was throwing a cooler at Jericho’s head as Tony Schiavone was gleefully declaring Anarchy in the Arena is better than Stadium Stampede ever was.

As far as sheer chaos, he may be right.

Jericho tried to put the Walls of the Jericho on Moxley on top of a table and the damn thing collapsed. Kingston left someone laying in some area of the arena and I would tell you but I forgot because when hey cut back to the ring, the top rope was dismantled and Moxley was attacking Jericho with it. It must have looked like fun because Danielson hopped in the ring to do the same but with Hager.

“This is awesome” chants rang out shortly after.

It wasn’t long after that Santana & Ortiz set up a ladder on the outside so they could jump off it and put two other guys through two tables set up next to them. Who were those guys? Who knows?!? Who even cares?!?


The match had to end in the ring, though, per the rules so one would have been safe to assume it was about to end when Moxley & Danielson put Hager & Jericho in dueling submissions. It did not, however, because Kingston, the madman, showed up with a can of gasoline and dumped it on Jericho WHILE DANIELSON WAS TRYING TO SUBMIT HIM. Bryan hopped up and got into a fight with his own teammate, Moxley tried to break it up and took a chair shot from Jericho, then he ended up being launched through a table with barbed wire on it.

Jericho & Hager, free to double up on Danielson now, did so in the form of brutally drilling him with the broken ring post. It wasn’t enough to put him away. Actually, it may have helped energize him, considering he got up and ran wild on the both of them with kicks and knees and then another running knee into a chair into Jericho’s face.

And even THAT only got a two count.

My god, this absolutely RULED.

It took Hager recovering and attacking Danielson with a baseball bat so Jericho could put the Liontamer so that Hager could then ALSO choke Danielson with the ring post for the match to finally, mercifully come to an end, as the referee called it.

What a match.

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