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Bryan Danielson had the best quote in the Double or Nothing countdown special

Double or Nothing is here. Tonight is the night to fight. To hype the feuds for the May 29 PPV, AEW rolled out a countdown special. There was a lot of good trashtalk and analysis with a few gems in particular standing out. Let’s run down the best quotes.

Hangman Page battles CM Punk in the main event with the AEW World Championship on the line. Hangman pitched his case for why he is the face of AEW. “I am everything that All Elite Wrestling represents. I’m the lowly Bullet Club job guy who worked his way up. When he couldn’t find opportunities, he made them him damn self and became a world champion.” The cowboy’s words put an interesting spin on this bout. It adds a vibe to cheer for AEW originals over legends who built their name elsewhere.

Bryan Danielson spoke about his involvement in the Anarchy in the Arena match against the Jericho Appreciation Society. “If you were to ask me who do I like more, Chris Jericho or Eddie Kingston? I’d have to say Chris Jericho. I got involved in this, because I love the contrast. I got to the mountaintop of sports entertainment by being the best damn pro wrestler.” He continued with a sarcastic tone. “Wow, you can use weapons or anything goes.” What came next was the best quote of the entire show. “The only thing I need to inflict violence are my hands and my feet.” Danielson is a badass assassin. It will be funny if he is the only person in the ten-man fight who never touches a weapon.

Samoa Joe faces Adam Cole in the men’s final of the Owen Hart tournament. Joe did a great job selling his physically underwhelming opponent. “Do I believe my size advantage will play into my victory? Yes, that and every other advantage I have over him. I mean when you look at us, compare us on paper, I’m more vicious than him, I hit harder than him, I’m stronger than him. But, it’s the variables with Adam Cole. Things that are unperceived, his ability to shift momentum in his favor. That’s where the real battle lies.” Sometimes I have trouble buying in to the idea of Cole as a top guy. The way Joe put it makes it easier to believe in the illusion.

Mark Henry shared his personal importance of the Owen Hart tournament. “There was a time when you mentioned Owen’s name that it brought tears in my eyes. Now, when I hear his name, I think about this tournament. I think about him being honored by the men and women of AEW and everybody fighting as hard as they can to see who was going to hold that Owen Hart trophy. I feel like this is what I’ve wanted for a long time is my brother to be honored. And he’s being honored.” Feelings like that should make the Owen Hart trophy ceremonies something special to see.

Frankie Kazarian is teaming up with Sammy Guevara and Tay Conti against Scorpio Sky, Ethan Page, and Paige VanZant. Kaz might be partners with Sammy, but that doesn’t mean he likes Sammy. Kaz explained, “This is not a trio. This is definitely a situation that the enemy of my enemy is a jackass and his girlfriend. Look it, look it. We all have the same goals, but this is not a trio. I’m out for recompense. I’m out for revenge.” Sammy was taken aback with a funny reaction, while Tay nodded slightly in agreement. Even she knows she might be the only one who likes Sammy.

What’s your take on those quotes? Were there any other lines you loved from the Double or Nothing countdown special?

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