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AEW Double or Nothing 2022 results, live streaming match coverage

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All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling returns to pay-per-view TONIGHT (Sun., May 29, 2021) with Double or Nothing. The show comes our way from T-Mobile Arena on the Vegas Strip.

A free pre-show, The Buy In, will stream live and free starting at 7:00pm Eastern / 4:00pm Pacific on All Elite’s YouTube channel (or you can watch it right here at Cageside Seats).

In the U.S. & Canada, the main card is available at on Bleacher Report and via cable & satellite providers for $49.99. Internationally, it’s $19.99 on You can win money in a free pool at DraftKings Sportsbook.

To get you ready for tonight, there are detailed previews and predictions for each match in this stream right here.

Cageside Seats will provide LIVE match-by-match coverage of Double or Nothing below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

Kick off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!



The vacuum created by the arrival of freedom and the possibilities it seems to offer, it’s got nothing to do with you, but me? I’m just here to liveblog this here pro wrestling show for you, folks.

HOOKhausen (Danhausen & HOOK) vs. “Smart” Mark Sterling & Tony Nese

HOOK and Nese to start, Tony gets spooked and falls to the floor where he gets a little pep talk from Sterling. Danhausen tags in, Nese off the ropes, drop down, he dodges the elbowhausen and then curses Tony! Boot up in the corner, diving Frankensteinerhausen, and he points his attention at Mark until Nese blasts him with a charging elbow!

Quick tags from the heels, working Danhausen over, a missed leg drop from Sterling gives him the opening and he tags HOOK in! HOOK with a corner lariat, an exploder, he gets distracted with Mark briefly but tosses Tony with a Karelin lift! One for Sterling as well, Danhausen wants the tag, one foot...

HOOKhausen win by pinfall with a one-foot pin from Danhausen on “Smart” Mark Sterling.

The main show opens with commentary welcoming us to the show and immediately doing a plug for gambling.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman vs. Wardlow

Friedman bails before the bell and then immediately after, walking around ringside and posing! Trying to blindside Wardlow, he fails and almost immediately eats a powerbomb but manages to get away! Mr. Mayhem follows after, Max slides back in, back out, Wardlow palms his head but MJF gets for a slingshot sunset flip!

Blocked, Wardlow gets him up for a powerbomb but Friedman bites his scalp to break free! Right hands, Mr. Mayhem roars and MJF pokes his eyes! Shot off, powerbomb lift, reversed again, Frankensteiner and a two count but Max screams and holds his knee on the kickout!

MJF pulls the Dynamite Diamond Ring out of his trunks in plain view of referee Bryce Remsburg, who takes it away from him! Wardlow is right there, Max wants a time out and begs off, offering to triple his pay and even quadruple it! Wardlow thinks about it, offers a handshake that gets reciprocated but he won’t break his grip!

Friedman turns around, Wardlow pulls him in... POWERBOMB! He starts conducting and hits another powerbomb! A third, a fourth, a one-foot pin but he lets up before three! Number five connects, he’s not nearly done, powerbomb after powerbomb and the straps are down...

Wardlow wins by pinfall with the Powerbomb Symphony, officially earning his freedom.

MJF is stretchered off after taking the Powerbomb Symphony.

Tony Schiavone intercepts Wardlow on the stage and makes the announcement— he’s All Elite!

Hardy Boyz (Jeff & Matt Hardy) vs. Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)

The Matts starting, trading “DELETE!” and “ELITE!” taunts, collar and elbow, arm wringer, back and forth and Jackson gets the advantage, taunting him in the corner. Hardy backs him into the corner, tag to Jeff, Matt marches away and tags Nick in and the higher flying brothers are in.

Side headlock, shot off, shoulder block, Nick mocks Jeff’s entrance dance and the older man powers up and knocks him to the floor! Hardyz posing, shoulder blocks knock the Bucks to the floor for a breather. Back inside, the Hardyz running hot, Poetry in Motion blocked with an enzuigiri from the apron!

Matt Hardy wants the Razor’s Edge but he gets cut off with superkicks! Nick trying to lead chants, Bucks with the heat segment, Nick goes for Whisper in the Wind but Jeff dodges his own move and goes up top... WHISPER IN THE WIND! Tag to Matt, whip across, lariat, smashing Nick’s face into the turnbuckles repeatedly and then doing the same for his brother!

Face smashes for Brandon Cutler as well, Side Effect... NOT ENOUGH! Slingshot X-Factor sets up an Asai Moonsault but Matt had it scouted and blocks! Dropkick gets a dropkick, Jeff out on the apron, but Nick superkicks him off and to the floor and into his brother! Nick with a senton atomico to the floor!

Back inside, the Bucks have Matt Hardy where they want him, stereo dives for two! The match breaks down into “everybody do something cool” territory, leaving all four men down and out on the floor! Back inside, Poetry in Motion connects, Twist of Fate blocked, catapult Matt into his own brother, slingshot stomp takes him out!

Jeff hits a jawbreaker in the turnbuckles, the Bucks get him set up but he kicks out! Superkick parties aplenty, more, stereo covers... THE HARDY BOYZ WILL NOT STAY DOWN! Taking Jeff to the floor, setting him up on the steel steps, Matt cuts Nick off and hits the Razor’s Edge, Jeff sets Matt up on the steel steps... SWANTON BOMB OFF THE TOP AND INTO THE STEEL STEPS!

TWIST OF FATE ON NICK JACKSON BUT HE WON’T STAY DOWN! A little back and forth, Side Effect, another Twist of Fate, tag to Jeff, he’s up top...

Hardy Boyz win by pinfall with a Swanton Bomb from Jeff Hardy on Nick Jackson.

We get a hype reel for what the Acclaimed and the Ass Boys have been getting up to in Las Vegas.

Anna Jay vs. Jade Cargill (c) (AEW TBS Championship)

Jay slips away, sleeper hold, Cargill tries to reverse but Anna turns it into a crossbody! Jade follows it up with a fallaway slam, right hands, big lariat, elbows, up top and Jay cuts her off, jockeying for position and she hits a superplex! Boots up, off the ropes, Anna with a lariat, back body drop to the apron, she hits a scorpion kick!

Action back to the floor, Jay in control, Kiera Hogan and Red Velvet run in but Anna DDTs both of them! Back inside, pump kick, Jaded reversed into a cover for two! “Smart” Mark Sterling runs in to distract the ref and hands Cargill a crutch, but Jay uses it to assist a side Russian legsweep... NOPE!

John Silver runs in to counter Sterling, ripping his neck brace off and hitting a brainbuster on the floor! Jade hits Eye of the Storm for two, chickenwings, Jaded reversed, bodyscissors sleeper hold applied but Cargill fights to her feet and rams her into the corner to escape it!

Sidestep an elbow, up top and jockeying for position... STOKELY HATHAWAY IS HERE! Chickenwings...

Jade Cargill wins by pinfall with an avalanche Jaded to retain the AEW TBS Championship.

Post-match, Kris Statlander runs in but finds herself still outnumbered by the heels...

ATHENA IS HERE! Jawing back and forth, Stokely Hathaway escorts Jade and her Baddies off.

Death Triangle (PAC, Penta Oscuro, & Rey Fenix) vs. House of Black (Brody King, Buddy Matthews, & Malakai Black)

Black and Fenix to start, Rey using his speed, back and forth, jockeying for position but they stalemate after neither man can land a kick! Tag to Matthews, Fenix lands a superkick and tags Penta in! Off the ropes, Buddy passes him to the floor but has him scouted and waits for him to come back!

Piefacing Oscuro, kick combos, rolling solebutt, front kick, back suplex, superkick, tag to PAC, off the ropes, Frankensteiner sends Matthews to the floor and he slides back in only to end up face-to-face with Penta! King tags in, clubbing PAC off the top rope, cutting Fenix off with a wicked elbow, both teams square up in the middle of the ring and we get a brawl!

Into “everybody do something cool” territory, poison Frankensteiner from the Bastard and he follows it up with a lariat, leaving him and Matthews both down and out! Brody in, Bossman Slam, tag to Black, big knee, House of Black working him over with quick tags but eventually PAC gets the hot tag to Fenix!

Making Buddy powerbomb Malakai, sandwiching him with superkicks, Luchas off the ropes with stereo topes con giro! All three Death Triangle guys work together to lay King out but he kicks out! Fountain of dives, Oscuro with a Brillo Penta! Brody wants to join the fun, off the ropes... BIG MAN TOPE CON GIRO!

King spikes Rey Fenix with Dante’s Inferno... SO CLOSE! Death Triangle in control, superkicks for everybody, tag to PAC, more superkicks, sheerdrop brainbuster on Black but Matthews breaks it up! Assisted flip piledriver, footstomp DDT, King and Matthews are out on the floor!

Setting Malakai up, he slips out, Black Mass, Fenix off the ropes but gets blitzed by a kick as well! PAC ducks one, enzuigiri connects, headed up top, he blocks Buddy from cutting him off, 450 splash to Black, German suplex to Matthews and he dumps him to the floor!

Malakai with a waistlock, German suplex off a standing switch, Alex Abrahantes runs interference and PAC kicks Malakai low! Headed up top, the lights go out! When they come up Julia Hart is in the way and spits the black mist! Black capitalizes...

House of Black win by pinfall with Black Mass from Malakai Black on PAC.

Post-match, Julia Hart leaves with the House of Black.

Adam Cole vs. Samoa Joe (Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Finals)

Collar and elbow, Joe with a grip on his hand but Cole wriggles away from him. Ramming Adam into the corner, jabbing away at him, big headbutt, and Adam ends up on the floor. Cole cuts him off and puts him into the post, back inside for crossface strikes and a choke in the ropes!

Adam presses the attack for a while but gets caught by the big Rock Bottom out of the corner! Looking for a powerbomb, Cole slips out, enzuigiri follows, off the ropes and Samoa wipes him out with a lariat for two! A big knee catches Joe flush and Cole gets a nearfall off of it, front kick and a lungblower get two more!

Arm-trap crossface, Cole’s feet are in the ropes and referee Mike Chioda takes his sweet time but eventually gets to counting him! Powerbomb for two, transition into an STF on the kickout and Adam Cole is having a bad time! Eventually he gets the ropes and Joe breaks, Bobby Fish runs in and hits an arm wringer on the apron!

Cole blasts him with a boot, knee pad down, Samoa ducks and locks the Coquina Clutch in! He breaks it to take care of Fish with an elbow, big chop takes Adam down after! Back and forth, Cole hits the Boom...

Adam Cole wins by pinfall with the Boom to win the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament.

We get some hype for Forbidden Door.

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD vs. Ruby Soho (Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Finals)

Britt has Rich Ward from Stuck Mojo and Fozzy play her out for... reasons.

Ruby Soho has Rancid play her out because they wrote her theme.

Circling, collar and elbow, struggling around the ring, Baker with a wristlock, Soho reverses but Britt puts boots to her. Ruby with arm drags, block a kick, wicked knee to the jaw! Action to the floor, Soho maintaining control, coming back inside and climbing up top but Baker cuts her off and puts her ribs-first into the turnbuckles before pulling her down to the mat and putting boots to her.

Pulling Soho’s ribs into the post, wrenching her in deeper, taking her inside for a bow-and-arrow. Ruby with desperate strikes, forearms and chops, Getting Britt up top, climbing to join her, superplex puts her down! Blocking the neckbreaker, blocking No Future, Baker with a kick, Ruby reverses the stomp into a cover for two!

A series of basement superkicks from Britt, Ruby catches her, Saito suplex puts her down! Drawing Baker up, up top, Britt drops her face-first into the mat, off the ropes, hits the running stomp... BUT RUBY SOHO WON’T STAY DOWN! Britt catches her with Lockjaw but Soho grabs her wrist to block!

Wrenching her around into a cover to force the break, wristlock, No Future! Leg pick, step through, Sharpshooter applied and she sits back in it! Britt bites her own hand to try and stop from tapping, crawling, desperate, Ruby reapplies but Baker gets the ropes!

Soho up top, electric chair, victory roll, reversed...

Dr. Britt Baker, DMD wins by pinfall with a victory roll pin to win the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament.

Post-match, Adam Cole comes back out to join Britt to be presented with the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament belts by Dr. Martha Hart, who is escorted to the stage by a weeping Tony Khan.

Dr. Hart talks about how great Owen Hart was and how happy she is to finally be able to celebrate him and his work in pro wrestling, and thanks Tony Khan, Chris Jericho, the Dark Side of the Ring folks, the entire AEW crew, Pro Wrestling Tees, her legal team, her sister Virginia, her kids, and her Owen Hart Foundation committee.

But most of all, she wants to thank us fans for making this possible, and congratulates Adam Cole and Dr. Britt Baker, DMD for their victories and says next year she wants to see everyone wearing a “beautiful hat” like the fascinator she has on. She presents the belts to each victor and hoists the Owen Cup proper up for us to see.

Frankie Kazarian, Sammy Guevara, & Tay Conti vs. Men of the Year (“All Ego” Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky) & Paige VanZant (Mixed Tag Team Match)

Sky and Guevara to start, tag to All Ego and he lights Sammy up before going for Ego’s Edge, reversed into a Frankensteiner! Leapfrogs, dropkick, back and forth and Scorpio finds himself on the wrong side of Kazarian while the lovebirds are all smoochy on the apron.

Conti runs in for a cheap shot on VanZant, she and Sammy play around on the floor but Frankie’s upset at them for the lack of a tag and nearly eats the TKO! Crossface chickenwing, Sky rams him into the corner, we end up with the women legal and Paige hits a big DDT on Sammy!

A drop toehold puts Tay face-first into her man’s gentleman’s area, Michinoku Driver follows... NOPE! Conti gets her into the corner for a series of pump kicks, one in the middle of the ring gets a cover for one! TayKO is a little sloppy but it connects and Guevara wastes her time making out and keeps her from capitalizing.

American Top Team has them cornered, Kazarian fakes out making the save and walks, leaving them high and dry! Spin-out facebuster leaves both women down, Page with a shoulder block, springboard Ace Crusher from Sky and Frankie cuts him off to avoid the loss!

Kaz and Conti end up bickering, Frankie sidesteps and Sammy superkicks his girl! All Ego with a roundhouse kick, Sky capitalizes...

Men of the Year and Paige VanZant win by pinfall with the TKO from Scorpio Sky on Frankie Kazarian, ensuring that neither he nor Sammy Guevara can ever challenge Scorpio for the TNT Championship ever again.

Darby Allin vs. Kyle O’Reilly

O’Reilly in control early, tossing Allin around, but Darby gets some separation with a Scorpion Death Drop! Kyle has a double wristlock, Allin with some knees, go-behind, Diamond Dust... NOPE! Off the ropes, suicide dive and both men are down and out! KOR with a guillotine choke on the floor!

Back inside, big Frankensteiner into the Last Supper but O’Reilly kicks out! Leg picked, Scorpion Deathlock applied, Kyle gets the ropes and forces the break! To the apron, Darby off the top... COFFIN DROP ONTO THE APRON! Back inside, cross armbar, reversed into a pin!

KOR hoists Allin up by his neck chain, sleeper hold briefly, Penalty Kick for two! Diving knee to the kidneys...

Kyle O’Reilly wins by pinfall with a diving knee drop to the kidneys.

Serena Deeb vs. Thunder Rosa (c) (AEW Women’s World Championship)

My lovely wife Josie gives you some entrance commentary because I got up for a moment—

Serena Deeb enters and she looks stunning. A lot of white and memorial day is not quite yet upon us, but we can forgive her bc she is making. It. Work.

Not so fast! Thunder Rosa is a vision in her dark bodysuit speckled with colorful floral. Sorry Serena, you look great but Thunder is Best Dressed in this contest.

Feeling out, test of strength, Deeb outmaneuvers her into a sunset flip but Rosa reverses to La Campana! Arm drags, double leg into a jackknife pin, fighting over a backslide, Deeb flips out of it but Thunder cracks her with a slap across the face and she’s fired up! Charging in, sidestep, knees blast Serena to the floor!

Back and forth over the ropes, whip into the post, neckbreaker over the ropes and Rosa crashes to the floor! Back inside, swinging neckbreaker, uppercuts into the corner, back suplex up into the turnbuckles, Cobra Twist in the middle of the ring! Uppercuts for headbutts, Thunder with lariats and a big body slam as she gets fired up!

Hard whip into the corner, slingshot knees, dropkick, snap suplex into a bridge... NOPE! Jockeying for position over an arm wringer and Serena gets an Octopus Hold! Rosa slips out, boot into the corner, Diamond Dust out of the corner... STILL NO! Thunder with a double stomp to the back, Death Valley Driver... NOT ENOUGH!

Tied up in a figure four, back and forth slapping and then they roll crashing to the floor! Back inside, arms trapped, Detox... ROSA GETS A FOOT ON THE ROPES! Drawing her up after, short powerbomb, cross the legs for the cloverleaf, stepping over and Thunder crawls for the ropes and gets them!

Detox blocked, Rosa with a sunset flip for two! Big roundhouse kick, sidestep the knees, in the ropes, jockeying for position, superplex, Thunder rolls through and scoops her up...

Thunder Rosa wins by pinfall with the Fire Thunder Driver to retain the AEW Women’s World Championship.

Blackpool Combat Club (“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson & Jon Moxley), Eddie Kingston, Ortiz, & Santana vs. Jericho Appreciation Society (Angelo Parker, Chris Jericho, “Red Death” Daniel Garcia, Jake Hager, & Matt Menard) (Anarchy in the Arena Match)

Of course the brawling begins before the babyfaces finish their entrances and we get violence aplenty! Danielson laying punches in on Parker in a tarped off section of chairs, Moxley throwing Jericho over a barricade and getting dorked in the eye with his glasses!

Kingston and Menard brawl and Daddy Magic is wearing the crimson mask! Jon and Chris fight over a scooter briefly and Y2J slices Moxley’s head open! All the while Wild Thing has been playing and Jericho smashes some audio equipement until it turns off! Ortiz and Santana take Hager out with a Street Sweeper through tables on the floor!

Cut back to Kingston and Menard and both men are covered in mustard! Daniel Garcia gets Ortiz up... PILEDRIVER INTO THE STEEL STEPS! Danielson engages with Moxley while Matt turns the tide on Eddie with a short ladder! Mox setting up some chairs, Parker smashes Dragon with the ring bell!

Garcia putting boots to Kingston, Jon Moxley THROWS A COOLER AT JERICHO’S HEAD! Garcia dragging Kingston with a belt around his neck, Jericho puts Mox in the Walls of Jericho on the timekeeper’s table but it gives out! Daniel throws Eddie into a wall and Jon puts a figure four leglock on Y2J on the floor!

Danielson kicking a hole in Hager’s side, Mox undoes the top rope and jabs Chris with the turnbuckle before cracking him in the gentleman’s area! Eddie in the loading dock with Garcia while Mox whips Chris with the ropes some more! Santana and Ortiz climb a ladder... STEREO SPLASHES THROUGH TABLES!


HAGER BLASTS MOXLEY OFF THE APRON AND INTO A BARBED WIRE TABLE! Chris covers Bryan... NOT ENOUGH! Dragon with more kicks to Hager, shoved away, Busaiku knee connects but Jericho has a chair... BUSAIKU KNEE THROUGH THE CHAIR BUT Y2J KICKS OUT! Chest kicks to Jericho, the buzzsaw finale lays him out!

Danielson grabs him by the wrists but here comes Hager with Floyd, taking Bryan’s knee out from under him! Walls of Jericho applied, Jake starts choking him with the rope...

Jericho Appreciation Society win by referee stoppage.

We get a video of Andrade el Idolo and Jose talking about the top wrestler in the world.

A knock at the door ensues and Rush is here! He and Andrade throw their fists out.

Dan Lambert and Men of the Year are interviewed backstage.

They’re all feeling pretty great, and Ethan Page says it feels even better to be finished with Sammy Guevara and be able to move on to bigger and better things. Scorpio asks who’s gonna step up to face him for the TNT Championship, and Dante Martin rolls up to issue a challenge.

Jurassic Express (“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry & Luchasaurus) (c) vs. Swerve in His Glory (“Limitless” Keith Lee & Shane “Swerve” Strickland) vs. Team Taz (“Absolute” Ricky Starks & “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs) (AEW World Tag Team Championship)

Chaos from the jump, everybody pairing up, Luchasaurus and Starks together, then Swerve and Hobbs, Perry’s fired up and dives on everybody with immense urgency but his tope con giro into Lee sees him get caught and powerbombed into Luchasaurus twice! Back inside, Will is in control on Jack, quick tag to Starks as they put boots to him.

Knucklelock, ropewalk, Perry trips him up, rolls under, tag to Strickland! Big forearms, diving corkscrew uppercut, tripping the dino man up on the apron, passing Ricky to the floor, Lee grabs hands with his partner... DOUBLE JUMP ASAI MOONSAULT OFF OF KEITH’S CHEST!

Lee gets under Hobbs, fought off, Powerhouse with a big belly-to-belly superplex and Luchasaurus tags in on Swerve! Boots, drawing Will up, body blows in the corner, big pop-up drop for Shane and a corner lariat! Ramming Starks into Hobbs, double lariats, and the three big men end up squaring up!

Hosses trading strikes, dino man goozles them both, they goozle him and double chokeslam him! Lee standing tall but Luchasaurus takes him out! Back on their feet, trading punches, I get distracted for a few seconds because it’s almost midnight and even my attention span has limits and suddenly Christian Cage is pulling Ricky Starks off a cover!

Back at it, Starks gets a spear... NOPE! Underhooks, Roshambo... LUCHASAURUS BREAKS IT UP! Swerve In His Glory at it, Spirit Bomb / Swerve Stomp... HOBBS BREAKS IT UP! Starks is about to blast in with the title belt but Cage stops him! Strickland with a boot up, double stomp, electric chair, block the Poison Frankensteiner!

Jurassic Express do the deal...

Jurassic Express win by pinfall with their tandem finish on Shane Strickland to retain the AEW World Tag Team Championship.

“Hangman” Adam Page (c) vs. CM Punk (AEW World Championship)

Getting in each others’ faces, shoving, into the ropes and Punk breaks clean! Back to the lockup, into the corner and then forehead to forehead! Trading vicious chops, side headlock, into the corner, referee Paul Turner wants a clean break but CM scrapes his forearm across Hangman’s forehead!

Shot off, shoulder block, Adam with a big forearm and back to the headlock. Shot off again, shoulder block, trading chops, Punk with a hammerlock, Page gets out and hammers him in the corner! Chops in the corner, hard whip across, body blow, side Russian legsweep and Punk presses the attack with a big body slam!

Page with the fallaway slam and the kip-up, plancha to the floor! Drawing CM up and throwing him into the barricade in the aftermath, breaking the count, Adam well in control, he goes to the apron for Buckshot, fired up and lying in wait but Punk blasts him off the apron with a forearm!

Action on the floor, Adam with a pop-up spinebuster into the apron! Back inside, diving lariat... SO CLOSE! Page climbs up top, CM meets him and hits a superplex! Springboard lariat, looking to follow it up with a Sharpshooter, blocked, Go to Sleep denied, swinging neckbreaker... NOPE!

Up top again, Page blasts him to the floor and follows with the Orihara moonsault! Back inside, Hangman has him in position, Buckshot... COUNTERED! PUNK HAS THE SHARPSHOOTER IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING! Page gets a hand on the ropes and referee Paul Turner demands the break!

Page goes for a Go to Sleep of his own, Punk slips out, upkicks knock him loose and under the ropes! Roundhouse kick from the apron, CM slingshots in with his own Buckshot, slow to cover because his knee gave out... STILL NO! Punk calls for it, Adam cuts him off with a Last Ride!

Rolling through... DEADEYE CONNECTS BUT CM PUNK KICKS OUT! Hangman calling for the Go to Sleep, fireman’s carry, Punk breaks free, flash roundhouse kick but Page gets him back up, Go to Sleep... NOT HAPPENING! On their knees and trading punches, to their feet and trading forearms!

Cactus Clothesline takes both men to the floor, Hangman throws him over the announce desk and picks up the title and yells at Punk to tell him he’s never gonna have it! Back inside, tuning up the band, Buckshot countered, Paul Turner gets knocked out, Page with a lariat and everybody’s down!

Hangman turns and sees the title, staggering over to it, he picks the title up and waits for CM to wake up. Punk gets his hands up, Page thinks better of it and goes back to the apron, CM ducks the Buckshot, fireman’s carry, Turner is up...

CM Punk wins by pinfall with the Go to Sleep to become your new AEW World Champion.

Now and forever, the best in the world, once again your world champion. I’m crying. Punk is crying. Pro wrestling is the best goddamn thing in the world.

That’s the show, folks.

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