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Johnny Elite returns to AEW for a surprise match

AEW offered a special bonus episode of Dark for Double or Nothing weekend. Johnny Elite stopped by for a surprise match.

Johnny Elite (aka John Morrison) debuted in AEW for the Owen Hart tournament as a surprise Joker. He performed well enough that Tony Khan seemed receptive to inviting Johnny back. It just so happened that the man with many last names was in the house when an open contract challenge was offered.

Private Party entered the ring for the main event segment. They needed a reason to celebrate in Las Vegas, so Isiah Kassidy proposed an open contract to any bozo in the back to wrestle Marq Quen. Enter Johnny Elite.

Kassidy stole Johnny’s ring jacket to wear as a distraction for Quen to get the upper hand early. Johnny rebounded quickly with fancy foot strikes and a standing corkscrew. Quen received help from his partner for a Silly String DDT. When Quen tossed Johnny out of the ring, Kassidy stomped a mudhole. Johnny rallied with fury for a waterwheel drop and standing shooting star press on Quen.

Referee bump! Johnny went for springboard kick and clobbered Paul Turner upside the head.

With the ref down, Private Party double-teamed Johnny for a Snap Shot.

Turner was revived enough to make the count. 1, 2, kick out by Johnny. Quen went up top for a shooting star press, but Johnny rolled away. Mr. Elite attacked Kassidy on a tornillo dive through the ropes. Johnny took care of business on Quen with a split-legged corkscrew moonsault to win.

Johnny celebrated victory with dancing Dad.

The appearance of Johnny Elite was a pleasant surprise. He hit all his signature moves against Private Party. The referee bump added extra drama. Too bad Private Party bumbled their advantage. One day those talented high-flyers will rise to the top. Maybe Johnny could teach them a thing or two if he returns more frequently to AEW.

Watch Dark episode 145 here and check out the full recap here.

Are you happy to see Johnny Elite return to AEW so soon? If Johnny appeared on the regular, where do you think he would fit in the landscape?

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