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Hardys vs. Bucks sells itself

Tag Team match

For the first time since 2017, two of wrestling’s best tag teams will throw down to see who are the better brothers.

The Road to Double or Nothing

Jeff Hardy’s first order of business after arriving in AEW was to help Matt Hardy wrap up business with what had become the Andrade Family Office. While that was going on, Matt & Nick Jackson learned to co-exist with reDRagon in the Undisputed Elite stable Adam Cole had put together.

When Jeff ran into first Bobby Fish and then Cole in the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament, that was all that was necessary to rekindle a feud that’s been going since the met in a NorthEast Wrestling ring back in 2014.

A lot of confrontations and a few promos followed, many of them segments on The Bucks’ YouTube show, Being The Elite. The television build was spare, partially because Tony Khan probably believes Hardys vs. Young Bucks sells itself. Business did pick up during the go home shows, as Matt H. cut a strong promo on Dynamite:

And the Jacksons responded to cosplaying accusations with a very good impression of Team XTreme...

...and a beatdown of the Hardys Attitude Era friend, Gangrel.

What to watch for

I mean, they’re not wrong. Hardys vs. Bucks does sell itself. Matt & Jeff may be middle-aged extreme, and Matt & Nick not everyone’s cup of tea. But the team’s have great chemistry, and are always out to steal whatever show they’re on.

Are The Hardys headed for the AEW World Tag title scene? Can The Bucks pick up a big win after losing their last two title shots, and how would Cole, Fish & O’Reilly react to a loss for the stable?

Last but not least...


Who wins?

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    The Young Bucks
    (110 votes)
  • 57%
    The Hardys
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