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Here are Gangrel and the Young Bucks doing a hilarious parody of the Hardy Boyz

The Young Bucks have been accused of being Hardy Boyz cosplayers, so on tonight’s (May 27) episode of Rampage they decided to go all in on that idea.

When the Hardys theme music hit, out came Matt and Nick Jackson dressed up as them, and they were even accompanied by Gangrel. The cherry on top were the Matt Facts that appeared on the screen during their entrance, taking us back to the glory days of Mattitude and Matt Hardy V1 from the early 2000’s:

The Bucks made a joke out of their match, running their version of the Hardys greatest hits. This included finishing the match off with a Twist of Fate and Swanton Bomb.

Gangrel tried to take some of the spotlight after the match was over, so the Bucks put the boots to him too. Thankfully the real Hardys were on hand to come out and make the save. That left Brandon Cutler out there to be impaled by Gangrel:

What did you think of the Young Bucks’ parody of Matt and Jeff Hardy, Cagesiders? Are you now hyped for their match at Double or Nothing on Sunday?

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