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Frankie Kazarian ambushed in return to Impact

Frankie Kazarian is a 5-time X-Division champion and a 3-time TNA tag champion, so it was only fitting that Chris Sabin called him out for a challenge to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Impact heading toward Slammiversary. The two have history as rivals, and a bout on Impact Wrestling was the perfect way to show respect. Unfortunately, a particular goon squad didn’t agree and ruined what was turning into a great match.

Kaz walked through the Forbidden Door from AEW ready for action against Sabin.

The two veterans picked up as if it were twenty years ago with fluid chemistry and familiarity.

Sabin tossed Kaz over the ropes for a rough fall. Sabin waited respectfully for the referee to clear the way for more action. Sabin worked to grind down his opponent. Kaz rallied for a springboard leg drop.

Kaz continued with a leg drop through the ropes on the apron and a slingshot DDT. Sabin gained momentum for a tornado DDT. Kaz took control again and climbed the corner. Sabin sprang up for a wild belly-to-back superplex.

Kaz kicked out on the cover, and the match resumed with a double running crossbody collision. Both men were down on the mat. The action was working toward a fantastic finish.

Not so fast, my friend.

Earlier in the evening, the Honor No More hooligans were upset that Matt Taven and Mike Bennett were passed over for a shot at the Impact tag titles. Eddie Edwards warned Scott D’Amore to make it right. If they don’t get what they want, then nobody does.

Edwards, Taven, Bennett, Vincent, and PCO rushed the ring to ruin the match between Kaz and Sabin. Honor No More stomped the Impact veterans to send a message to D’Amore.

Backstage, those jerks were smug with satisfaction. They claimed that Impact has been full of disrespect, lies, and dishonor for the past twenty years.

Picking on Kazarian to prove their point might turn out to be a bad move for Honor No More. Kaz is not the type of wrestler to be pushed around. Slammiversary is approaching on June 19. It would make sense if Kaz and Sabin recruit a few Impact classic wrestlers for a 5-on-5 showdown for the PPV. If they can reach through the Forbidden Door into AEW, all the better. Imagine Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, and Christian Cage answering the call.

How do you feel Frankie Kazarian and Chris Sabin performed in their throwback match? If Kaz and Sabin built a classic Impact team to clash with Honor No More, who would you like to see as their partners?

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