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MJF deletes angry tweet after Tony Khan talks about his contract again

AEW Dynamite

The very first question Tony Khan received on a media call today, ahead of this Sunday’s (May 29) Double or Nothing pay-per-view event, was about MJF’s contract situation.

For those who are unaware, there have been several interviews where MJF openly discussed the end of his AEW contract and his willingness to sign with WWE if Tony Khan doesn’t pay him the big bucks. The rumor mill has also included plenty of material about MJF’s frustration with his contract status being a shoot, creating real tension between MJF and Khan as a result. There has even been word that MJF is leaning towards leaving AEW for WWE when his contract expires in January 2024.

In response to the question about MJF’s contract, Khan explained why he embraces blending reality and kayfabe elements in AEW storylines:

“I think wrestling thrives when real life meets on screen. The real life conflict is often just as exciting as any conflict on screen, which is one of the great things about what AEW has brought to the wrestling business. There was no real, major free agent market with the top stars crossing promotions, and debuting, and frankly the competition needed to be brought to the biggest stage. In the 90s, we had TBS and TNT both in the wrestling game. And now with the launch of AEW, we’ve been able to bring that back.

I think taking what’s happening in real life, and potential movement and contract negotiations, it’s exciting stuff. And it’s added another element to what’s already a very exciting match at Double or Nothing with Wardlow versus MJF, who has been very vocal, not only about his own contract but about his former bodyguard and how he feels about him, and how he’s tried to hold down his career.

I think for Wardlow this is a huge opportunity to officially become part of AEW, but also to shed an image that he’s just MJF’s heavy, MJF’s thug. For MJF, it’s been a great opportunity to not only air some real life grievances and air his actual status, contractually or otherwise...people are really excited about the fight at Double or Nothing on Sunday.”

In a response tweet that has now been deleted, WrestleTalk indicates that MJF simply wrote the following:

“Fucking lol.

Fuck this place man”

Okay Cagesiders, it’s time to play the, “Is this a shoot or is this a work?” game once again in the comments below. What’s your interpretation of MJF’s now deleted profane response to Tony Khan’s words?

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