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AEW Rewind: Shawn Spears explains why he fears nothing, Matt Hardy apologizes to Jeff Hardy, more!

Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media bits and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Wednesday night Dynamite.

This week’s ‘Road to’ video hyped Wardlow versus Shawn Spears inside a steel cage with MJF as special guest referee and Owen Hart tournament semifinal matchups for Samoa Joe versus Kyle O’Reilly, Toni Storm versus Dr. Britt Baker DMD, and Ruby Soho versus Kris Statlander.

Wardlow believes Shawn Spears is scared. When shown footage of Wardlow speaking, Spears’ response was a childhood story to demonstrate that nothing frightens him.

Shawn Spears: My father was a collector for some unique individuals, and he was good at his job. One night, he found himself outnumbered 3-to-1. He’d tell me years later that that was the finest beating he ever took. I couldn’t have been any more than 8 or 9 at the time, but I remember thinking how could someone who looked so horrible have lived through that. I was scared.

But that night changed my father forever. He became more quiet, more secluded, became best friends with the bottle. One night after hanging out with said best friends, he became angry, very angry. I became scared.

He want to the garage, and he came back with one of those old-school big orange industrial wrenches. I don’t even think they make those things anymore. And he sat my mother down on the couch. Sat me and my younger sister beside her. He pointed the wrench, and he began. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. I was scared.

I can tell you with certainly that was the finest beating that I ever took. So understand this, Wardlow. Now, nothing on this earth frightens me now. Nothing.

MJF warned that he won’t tolerate Wardlow making contact with him as referee. This sounds like part of the gameplan to weasel out of the potential contest at Double or Nothing on May 29.

Touching on interesting nuggets from Elevation and Dark, Mercedes Martinez successfully retained the ROH Women’s World Championship against Hyan via bow and arrow dragon sleeper. Commentary made notice that Julia Hart was absent when the Varsity Blonds wrestled. Nyla Rose had a nifty rolling counter for a powerbomb finish on Skye Blue in tag team action.

The Renegade sisters used twin magic to score their first win in AEW. Technically, Robyn is the name in the record books, but Charlette actually earned the pinfall to win.

Tony Schiavone was confident that chicanery was afoot. He called for an investigation into the twin magic charade.

It’s nice to see AEW reward the Renegade sisters with a win. They have a lot of potential. Leaning into those silly shenanigans is perfect for Dark. The crew can goof around on the story without consequence. It might even turn into something for the Renegade sisters to pick up steam for main TV programming.

Ricky Starks and Will Hobbs were the latest guests on RJ City’s talk show, Hey! (EW). Topics of discussion were Starks getting hometown reactions in multiple cities, their stylish fashion, and various meanings for FTW. The chat was mostly small-talk with nothing all that important.

Being the Elite

“A Message For The Young Bucks” - Being The Elite, Ep. 308 featured:

  • Bobby Fish was losing his mind over ridesharing companies. The Young Bucks, Kyle O’Reilly, and Brandon Cutler spread good vibes with Live, Love, Superkick.
  • After hearing Roppongi Vice is back together, Chuck Taylor cut out Trent from his Best Friends t-shirt. Alex Reynolds and John Silver offered spooky pervert friendship.
  • Slow-motion posing session for the Bucks interrupted by Ricky Starks and Danhausen.
  • Peter Avalon was bummed about his romantic woes with Leva Bates. Ray Rosas provided a pep talk to get back out there to attract other women.
  • Matt Hardy warned Jeff Hardy to beware the Bucks trifling in his match against Adam Cole on Dynamite. Cut backstage to show the Bucks plotting a run-in. They gave the Hardys what they wanted to set up the dream match. The scene included TV highlights from the main event and post-bout beatdown.
  • Countdown to Dark Order showed them unaware and unprepared for a bit. Maki Itoh entered and danced with them.
  • Adam Cole spoke at a press conference as the greatest BTE champion of all-time. Christopher Daniels had a question about his BTE rematch. Cole accepted for FanFest. A match of this magnitude needs a major venue.
  • Cutler filmed content from Comic-Con, but the Bucks required him to edit it down to only show their sweet sneakers and action figures. Cutler squeezed in a shout-out for artist AJ Moore.
  • The Hardys burst into the Bucks’ trailer demanding retribution. The Bucks weren’t there, so Matt Hardy kicked Cutler in the package. Outside the trailer, Matt Hardy apologized to Jeff Hardy for not protecting him from Adam Cole’s cheap shot. That made them even for when Jeff was juking on stage a while back as Matt was getting beat up.
  • Cutler passed on the Hardys’ message by kicking both Bucks in the cojones.

That should wrap-up the BTE story building for the dream match between the Hardys and the Young Bucks at Double or Nothing on May 29. Thanks to Brandon Cutler, the Hardys have the last laugh. Matt Hardy’s apology to his brother was an amusing callback to Jeff’s debut in AEW when he stopped to dance on stage instead of rushing to the ring.

We’ll close with a merch sale open now through Monday, May 30. Use code DON for 20% off at the AEW shop.

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