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Tony Khan was inspired by the recent blood moon

Just the other night, we were treated to what’s known as a “blood moon,” which is a total lunar eclipse that creates a moon that appears red. It’s pretty neat!

It’s a big hit on social media, where regular folks take crappy pictures and post them with inspired captions. As it turns out, that includes AEW President Tony Khan:

Why am I bringing this up days later?

Well, according to the Wrestling Observer, the very next evening after Khan joked about naming an AEW show after it, the company went out and filed a trademark for “Blood Moon Rising,” for what sounds like will be a new show of some sort based on the purposes of the trademark. Putting it on Monday would seem unlikely, considering Dark: Elevation airs on YouTube that evening just before WWE goes live with Monday Night Raw on USA Network. But you never know!

That’s part of what makes all this so fun, right?

Stay tuned!

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