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Jeff Hardy thinks a ‘huge moment’ is coming between him & CM Punk in AEW

One of WWE’s best feuds of the late aughts was CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy. The World Heavyweight title changed hands between the two men in the summer of 2009. But more than the belt, it was the clash between two charismatic stars with naturally conflicting real & kayfabe characters: the straight-edge self-professed sociopathic jerk, and the fan favorite who was often undone by his own demons.

Now, at very different points in their life, both men find themselves in the same company again. Could this rivalry be revisited — possibly even over the AEW World title should Punk win it at Double or Nothing next weekend?

Hardy thinks they should at least tease that possibility, as he told Freddie Prinze, Jr. on Prinze’s Wrestling With Freddie podcast recently:

“One of my favorite things as far as being World champion was [CM] Punk. It’s so crazy, we’re in the same company now, and there’s a huge moment between me and Punk that’s going to come, I’m sure.

“I think there’s a huge moment, like just in the hallway, like me and Matt just beat the Young Bucks or whatever. But then me and Punk just have a face-off. Shake hands, big hug… ‘I’ll see you soon.’”

It’s an interesting idea. To get there, AEW would have to remind younger fans how hot that feud was for a brief time. And if they haven’t already, Jeff and Punk would also probably have to clear the air about the personal bad blood that seemed to linger from their time together in WWE locker rooms...

Would you be interested in seeing the 2022 version of a Jeff Hardy/CM Punk program?

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