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Injured Anthony Bowens has a scissor party waiting for him when he returns

There’s been some talk over the last several weeks that Anthony Bowens of The Acclaimed was nursing an injury. Last week while AEW was on Long Island, Bowens worked his first match since March. But when it aired on the May 16 Elevation, we saw that Bowens didn’t do much — he tagged into the eight-man tag to record the pin, but didn’t do anything else as he, Max Caster, Austin & Colten Gunn picked up a win.

While Rampage was airing last night (May 20), Bowens tweeted that he’d undergone a procedure on his knee.

On the show, the injury was explained as having occurred in a post-match attack? I guess it’s an attack, it’s hard to tell whether a diminutive assailant quickly escaped before the camera panned, or if Bowens’ knee just gave out. Either way, that’s not the important thing. The important thing is that Max is now “Daddy” Gunn’s favorite’s child, and that Anthony has a big ole scissor party waiting for him when he gets back.

If that’s not an incentive for a speedy return, I don’t know what is.

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