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Bryan Danielson involved in freak accident at AEW Rampage taping (spoiler)

There appeared to be a freak accident with Bryan Danielson at the end of last night’s AEW Rampage taping for this week’s episode (spoilers available here).

Blackpool Combat Club was attacked by Jericho Appreciation Society in the show-closing angle. When the dust cleared on their brawl, Danielson’s leg was trapped between the ring and the ramp. He was stuck there in pain or discomfort for the better part of ten minutes while people came out from the back to attempt to extract him. Once Danielson was freed from that position, he appeared to be upset and limped to the back on his own.

Here are some videos with different angles of the incident:

For what it’s worth, Wrestling Observer Radio’s Bryan Alvarez is under the impression the entire thing is a work. Here’s what he said about it:

“His leg was between the ring and the ramp. And for five, six, seven minutes, they worked to extract him. And then he made his way to the back without assistance.”

“I’m strongly given the impression this was all a work from start to finish...I think he just came up with a wacky idea and thought it would be funny.”

“I was told by somebody there, they actually laughed about it. I think one way or the other, we can tell you that he does not appear to be seriously injured, and I think the whole thing was a work.”

Last week’s AEW taping ended with CM Punk laying in the ring for a comically long amount of time and being carried out of the arena after HOOK destroyed him. If Bryan’s leg incident is indeed a work, maybe he was inspired by Punk’s bit from last week, but wanted to go for something that blurred the lines of reality?

Let us know in the comments below what you think of Danielson’s freak accident at Rampage, Cagesiders.

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