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AEW Rewind: Kyle O’Reilly feeling pressure of representing Canada, Young Bucks & Hardys story continues

Don’t have time to follow all of AEW’s online content? Don’t worry. We got you covered with the AEW Rewind, which will rewind through social media bits and YouTube videos from the past week to prepare you for Wednesday night Dynamite.

This week’s ‘Road to’ video hyped Owen Hart tournament matches with Adam Cole versus Jeff Hardy, Dr. Britt Baker DMD versus Joker, Samoa Joe versus Joker, and Kyle O’Reilly versus Fenix.

Cole views Hardy as a living legend and an inspiration to the locker room, but he plans to whoop ass to become the new legend in town. Baker isn’t worried about the unknown Joker. AEW is her world. Joe thought the Joker term was aptly named, because that person would be a fool to step in the ring with him.

The most interesting promo from the bunch came from Kyle O’Reilly.

Kyle O’Reilly: I’ve always considered myself a very complete wrestler, a guy that can take from different styles and mesh them to be unique to me. Historically, I’ve always struggled with lucha libre. And my opponent, Rey Fenix, might by the most impressive lucha guy I’ve ever seen. You’re good, Rey. You’re really good.

If this were Arena Mexico, I might be in trouble. But, it’s not. You’re not facing just some other guy. Because although I’ve never faced someone like you with your set of skills, you’ve never faced anybody like me. I’m a man that can hurt you. I can smother you, that can make you drown with my limbs, Rey. You can’t springboard if your shoulder is dislocated. You can’t jump off the ropes with a broken ankle. And I’ll tell you right now, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’m going to ground you, and I’m going to hurt you.

Because, Rey, this is the Owen Hart Cup, man. As the only Canadian in this tournament, I feel the pressure and the weight of the entire country on my back. Winning this tournament means everything. It means I pay respect to a man that I have idolized my entire life, Owen Hart. It means I paid respect and homage to a wrestling family, Canadian wrestling royalty, Rey. It means that I become the winner of the inaugural Owen Hart Cup, man, and it all begins with you, Rey, lucha libre. See you Wednesday, amigo.

Great promo from O’Reilly. It sells the match by selling himself, selling the ability of Fenix, selling his game plan, and selling the personal value of winning. I didn’t realize that O’Reilly was the only Canadian in the mix. I’ve never had a reason to cheer for O’Reilly in AEW before, but he expressed himself in a way to create a rooting interest to win this tournament as a fitting tribute to the Owen Hart Cup. Let’s go, O’Reilly!

Touching on interesting nuggets from Elevation and Dark, a pair of ROH title fights were featured. Mercedes Martinez retained the ROH Women’s World Championship against Trish Adora via bow and arrow dragon sleeper, and Wheeler Yuta retained the ROH Pure Championship against Josh Woods via tricky roll-up. Yuta was in deep trouble but pulled out the victory in a match worth watching. Rocky Romero saved Trent from a beating by Peter Avalon and Ryan Nemeth. The NJPW LA dojo were victorious over QT Marshall’s Factory via electric chair dropkick. That ten-man tag had a chaotic pace.

Elevation also had the debut of the Acclaimed and the Gunn Club as a unit. Max Caster and Anthony Bowens tried to get Austin and Colten to embrace being the Ass Boys. No dice just yet.

The new group sealed the deal to celebrate with scissoring.

Arn Anderson was the latest guest on RJ City’s talk show, Hey! (EW). Anderson meshed well with City’s style of humor for a funny interview. There’s not really anything important, other than discussion of Anderson wearing a panama hat early in his career, but it is enjoyable to watch.

Being the Elite

“Three Simple Words” - Being The Elite, Ep. 307 featured:

  • The Young Bucks were running late to the arena. Kyle O’Reilly was on the phone yelling at the airline demanding compensation. The Bucks arrived feeling mellow due to their new philosophy. Live, love, superkick. They superkicked O’Reilly, then he saw the light into a meditation mood.
  • Bucks travel vlog. Collectors were waiting for them at the hotel to sign merchandise.
  • The Bucks helped design an AEW sneaker.
  • Christopher Daniels practiced blackjack, dice, and rock paper scissors for the BTE Championship duel against Adam Cole, but CD caught a case of COVID to postpone the grudge match.
  • Mark Sterling aired a funny commercial seeking to represent security guards who were attacked by Wardlow.
  • Bucks pose session.
  • Brandon Cutler scored free sneakers. The Bucks were annoyed by this, so they booked Cutler in a match against Bear Bronson.
  • Ryan Nemeth claimed to be undefeated this year, even though, John Silver beat him.
  • JD Drake tried to break the tension between Peter Avalon and Leva Bates. Through a game of clues, Peter guessed that Leva was a carny bitch. She slapped the pretty man.
  • The Bucks rewarded Cutler with a meeting with Brian Quinn of Impractical Jokers. Cutler was a huge fan. He got too excited and ruined the moment.
  • Avalon phoned Ray Rosas to be his wingman.
  • In continuation of the Hardys and Bucks story, Matt and Jeff confronted Matt and Nick. The Bucks claimed to have surpassed the Hardys these days. The Jacksons are in their prime, and the Hardys are not. The Hardys accepted that, but they still have the skills to beat any team today. The Hardys tried to goad the Bucks into a fight, but the Bucks walked away.

In terms of preparing for Dynamite, that last BTE scene with the Hardys and Bucks is worth checking out. There has been more build on BTE than TV. I’m not sure that’s a sign of getting our hopes up too high for the dream match to take place at the Double of Nothing PPV on May 29. The Bucks might be tempted, but they certainly aren’t scared.

We’ll close with interesting merch options from AEW. MJF and his cat are on a t-shirt.

Hookhausen have been officially immortalized.

Malakai Black is the latest crossover with Street Fighter. Looks like Akuma is House of Black.

Celebrate the Owen Hart tournament in style with King of Harts clothing.

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