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Mark Sterling, Esq. is a hero

It is easy to mistake Mark Sterling, Esq. as a sleazy, money-grabbing lawyer. He does represent MJF, after all. However, there is more than meets the eye to Sterling. The man is also a hero.

Sterling started airing commercials during Being the Elite to protect the working man. Ever since Wardlow has been at odds with MJF, the behemoth has violently attacked innocent security guards just trying to do their job to provide for their families. Wardlow should be able to relate, since he took large sums of money as MJF’s employee to give his family a better life. At times, Wardlow had to perform unsavory acts to earn his loot. Now that Wardlow wants his freedom from MJF, he has turned a blind eye to what he used to be and has consistently beat up the security guards tasked with keeping the peace.

Sterling can stand for this misjustice no longer. He is putting together a case to earn settlements for those who have suffered at the hands of Wardlow.

Smart Mark Sterling, Esq. provided the following message in his advertisement:

Attention all black shirt security guards. The Wardlow no-physicality settlement could result in a wide range of payouts for people in your field. AEW may have advised you that you don’t need a lawyer. Well, I can assure you that hiring Mark Sterling will get you the most out of your settlement.

Did you get thrown into a garage door? Did you get thrown into a box? Did you get your shirt ripped off? Were you just trying to do your job? Wardlow is a crazed maniac, and he needs to pay.

Since 2022, I’ve fought diligently for injured security guards seeking restitution for their injuries. If you have any health problems sustained while in the line of Wardlow’s rage, call now. Free? No obligation. Let’s maximize your settlement.

Sterling is a true hero helping people with nowhere else to turn. He’s so selfless that clients only pay if he loses the case.

Seriously though, these commercials from Mark Sterling are a hoot. His groan of agony at the end would make for a satisfying ringtone. Of course, pay attention to the written text for lawyer tricks. “Call now, free? No, obligation!” The question mark after free combined with the comma after no mean that there is indeed an obligation.

Sterling has also put his focus into a class-action lawsuit for people who have been cursed by Danhausen.

What are you waiting for? Call 1-347-SMART-40 today.

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