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Frankie Kazarian has a great idea for rematch with Scorpio Sky

AEW’s Twitter

Frankie Kazarian was done dirty by longtime friend Scorpio Sky on Friday’s episode of Rampage. Kaz wants revenge, and he has a great idea for the rematch.

Kaz competed against Sky for the TNT Championship. It was supposed to be a clean one-on-one affair to bring respect back to the title. Trifling interference from Ethan Page and Dan Lambert sullied that notion. Sky was in trouble from a chickenwing submission from Kaz, so Page clobbered the challenger with the belt. That led to a victory for Sky to retain gold.

Kaz cut a fiery post-show promo backstage with a proposal for a rematch.

Frankie Kazarian: Twenty years of friendship, brotherhood, family gatherings, touring the world, winning championships, BTE bits, holidays, friendship, and none of that means a god damn thing to you, does it, Scorp? You piece of shit.

I know how passionate you are. I know how much you care. I know how much that title means to you. But I didn’t think you would stoop to this level. I honestly did not. And that’s on me.

I’m going to lay this out real simple. If you have any balls, if you have any courage, and if you don’t, borrow Dan’s balls, borrow Ethan’s, I don’t care. I’m laying it out right now. Give me my rematch. Give it to me in Los Angeles. Give it to me at the Forum. Let’s do this in So. Cal.

I helped make you, Scorp. What you are, I helped make. What you have become, I damn sure will break.

Great promo from Kaz. Emotion jumps through the screen. I’m all in with his idea to fight Sky when AEW visits Los Angeles on June 1. This is the type of story that makes the LA show have a special vibe standing out from the usual touring rigmarole. Sure, the rematch would be hot anywhere. However, it makes the most sense to stage it at their home court. SoCal Uncensored settling internal beef in Southern California is too fitting to pass up. They could even do training montages to make the most of the beautiful local scenery. You know you want to see Sky and Page sprinting on the beach and jumping into each other’s arms like Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed.

In words inspired by Batista, give me what Kaz wants! Give it to me! Give it to Kaz! Give it to all of us!

Are you on board with a Kazarian versus Sky rematch in Los Angeles?

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