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CM Punk is carried out of AEW taping after HOOK destroys him

CM Punk may very well be the top star in AEW and its future world champion, but he’s no match for HOOK.

After AEW wrapped up its Dynamite and Rampage tapings last night (May 11), they sent the fans home happy with hometown hero HOOK kicking CM Punk’s ass in a non-televised segment. Punk is a heel in Long Island and definitely had this coming after wearing attire for John Tavares, a former Islanders captain who left the team for a big money deal with the Toronto Maple Leafs a few years ago.

Here is one view of the segment playing out on the big screen, with Punk down on his knees begging for mercy from the cold-hearted, handsome devil:

This alternate perspective shows a time lapse of Punk actually laying in the ring for an extended period of time after being choked out by HOOK. He remains on the mat while most of the fans leave the venue, and is eventually rolled out of the ring on an improvised stretcher:

CM Punk has previously indicated on Twitter that he fears HOOK, and I’m sure this encounter will only amplify those feelings.

What do you make of HOOK taking out Punk, Cagesiders?

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