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Blackpool Combat Club join the fight against Jericho Appreciation Society

Last week, some of us were wondering what the plan was for Blackpool Combat Club. Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson, Wheeler Yuta & William Regal kicking ass is great, but a story would be great.

We got one on the May 11 Dynamite. It’s not a new tale. In fact, it taps into an existing real-life and kayfabe relationship — Mox and Eddie Kingston.

They came together as the Chris Jericho & his Appreciation Society were celebrating having taken Kingston out with a fireball, and beating Eddie’s friend Santana last Wednesday. The JAS were touting their victories and their numbers advantage when Moxley interrupted. The Influencer continued to question their math, which kept bringing out more people. First Danielson, then Regal & Yuta, and finally the Mad King, Santana & Ortiz.

Tables turned!

Things broke down from there, and they didn’t go the JAS’ way. Lord Regal even took out Jericho, and he didn’t even need his brass knucks to do it!

We’ll still need to see how not-friends Danielson and Eddie co-exist, but this five-on-five (Yuta will be in Japan for the Best of the Super Juniors tournament during the latter half of May) looks like a blast.

Let us know what you think, and get complete results and coverage of everything that happened on tonight’s Dynamite here.

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