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CM Punk hints at a big match for Dynamite

And connecting some dots, we’ve convinced ourselves this could be part of the build to a Bret Hart appearance.

All Elite Wrestling

Earlier today (Sat., April 9), CM Punk dropped this pipe bomb on Twitter about next week’s AEW Dynamite:

After you chuckle about the continuation of his beef with Eddie Kingston, what strikes you about this is how every name Punk dropped represents a potential dream match. Some you’d have to imagine Tony Khan wouldn’t just give away on television. April 13’s card is already stacked; you don’t just drop the first CM Punk vs. Bryan Danielson match since 2012 on top of it... do you?

The Dragon hasn’t responded yet, but a few folks have. ROH World champ Jonathan Gresham is one of them, in a tweet that makes Orange Cassidy seem gregarious:

Some who isn’t tagged replied, and this is where my Bret Hart fantasy booking wheels started turning. Punk’s clever reply to Colten Gunn sets up a trios match...

And right around that same time, fellow Hitman Fan Club member Dax Harwood also suggested an alliance!

Get Bret in here to lead Punk & FTR, then lets do stable wars with Blackpool Combat Club, Jericho Appreciation Society, Tully Blanchard Enterprises, Team Taz, The Foundation, CHAOS...

LFG indeed.