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AEW bringing back Blood & Guts, but maybe not Stadium Stampede


During an interview with ESPN, Tony Khan was asked if we’re going to see a Blood & Guts match this year. His response:

“Yeah. I’d say to expect Blood & Guts this summer.”

Not so much for Stadium Stampede:

“That I’ll have to get back to you on. I’ve thought about it. It’s a very different wrestling world now than it was during the pandemic. I think it’s a great match, a signature match for us that people really enjoyed. But some of the reasons we presented that match were because of the challenges that existed in the world because of the pandemic, as far as presenting sporting events with live fans. That doesn’t really exist in this live-event pandemic.”

It’s been nearly a year since we’ve seen a Blood & Guts match, where Chris Jericho took a fall that resulted in widespread ridicule (deserved or not). That fall overshadowed what was otherwise a pretty damn good match.

As for Stadium Stampede, that was created to help account for fans not being able to attend shows. It doesn’t make nearly as much sense to run a match like that anymore.

Never say never, though.

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