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Tony Khan insinuates WWE is behind ‘much of the staunch anti-AEW online community’

AEW’s YouTube

Not entirely sure what prompted this, but Tony Khan chose today (April 8) to share the results of an unspecified “independent study” about “the staunch anti-AEW online community”...

The insinuation is pretty clear, as I don’t think Khan is accusing Jim Cornette or MLW of funding an internet smear campaign against his company.

And knowing this is a giant grenade lobbed onto the AEW/WWE battlefield, one answer to “why now?” is because WWE has some momentum coming out of a very well-received WrestleMania event last weekend. Much of the internet chatter is about the return of Cody Rhodes, whose first storyline in the company since 2016 is about needing to return to the bigger stage of WWE to achieve his goals.

Which is to say this is just another example of what it always is with our guy TK... promoting his company and their next show. In fact...

As someone who really would just like to sit back and enjoy both company’s products, Tony gets a big old exasperated sigh from me for this move. I don’t care who’s behind the account, if your Twitter name ends in a string of numbers and/or you have a wrestler’s picture as your avatar? No offense, but I’m not factoring your opinion into my viewing habits.

But it will fire up the base, as it were. And generate a lot of debate about what does or doesn’t constitute good or fair business practices when it comes to marketing your pro wrestling company.

Hopefully at least some of that discussion will be interesting. It’s probably too much to hope that it could be civil.

Weigh in below, scripted fight fans.

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