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Basketball forces another time change for Rampage on April 15

All Elite Wrestling

While AEW’s second show still performs better than pretty much anything else would in its Friday at 10pm ET time slot, Rampage’s ratings haven’t been setting the world on fire of late.

That’s been a point of discussion in the wrestling world of late, with Tony Khan saying in on of his regular appearances on Busted Open this week that he’s “going back to his ruthless roots” when it comes to the show, and promising it will be “stacked-up.”

We’ll see how tonight’s show, where TK’s got both Jon Moxley & Bryan Danielson in action, does. It will be challenging for Rampage to build momentum from it though, as for the third time in the last three months, next Friday’s episode will be pre-empted by basketball.

TNT’s schedule lists the April 15 Rampage at 7pm ET. It’s three hours earlier than normal, because the network’s coverage of the final game in the NBA Play-In Tournament starts 9pm.

Next Friday’s show will be live, and feature a World title deathmatch between Hangman Page & Adam Cole, so AEW will have an attention-getting attraction to use while letting people know about the time change. And while being pushed to late night for college basketball last month was bad news for Rampage’s numbers, the show’s demo rating actually went up the last time they started before pro action... so maybe this is good news?

We’ll find out in a couple weeks.

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