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Tonight’s (Apr. 29) episode of Rampage featured one of the most anticipated confrontations in pro wrestling history. There was no telling what might happen when HOOK and Danhausen finally faced off in the middle of the ring.

Danhausen couldn’t wait to get things going. He stormed the ring first with a mic in his hand, declaring he was going to annihilate HOOK. He demanded that they send HOOK to the ring.

HOOK came out with his fists taped, ready to go. That’s when Danhausen thought better of the situation and tried to delay the fight.

Luckily for Danhausen, Mark Sterling interrupted their face-to-face confrontation, distracting them so that the former hottest free agent in pro wrestling, Tony Nese, could ambush both men from behind. These incompetent fools completely underestimated HOOK’s mastery of the suplex. He cleared the ring of them with ease:

HOOK and Danhausen remained in the ring while the heels ran away. The fans chanted “HOOKHAUSEN” as Danhausen offered HOOK a handshake. HOOK shoved Danhausen away and walked out of the ring.

HOOK might not realize it yet, but HOOKHAUSEN is definitely a thing now.

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