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It won’t happen at Forbidden Door, but an AEW x Stardom show could happen soon

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Shortly after Tony Khan and Takami Ohbari (or should I say Adam Cole & Jay White) announced the joint AEW/New Japan event Forbidden Door, fans started to wonder about women’s matches on the June 26 card.

While NJPW only features men’s wrestling, they do have a sister promotion dedicated to women — Stardom. Both companies are owned by Bushiroad, and Stardom’s roster is loaded with talented performers who could benefit from the increased exposure a show like Forbidden Door would give them.

Alas, it’s not going to happen... at least not yet. In an interview last week, New Japan Pro-Wrestling President Ohbari said this summer’s show in Chicago would only include NJPW talent. He didn’t shut the forbidden door on Stardom involvement in future AEW or joint shows, however. A report in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter confirms all that, and even gives a possible date for when the women of All Elite could mix it up with the top joshi fed.

Dave Meltzer writes:

There is nothing at all going on regarding that show [Forbidden Door] regarding Stardom, which has a PPV scheduled the same day.

We do know that Stardom, which is owned by Bushiroad, the same company that owns New Japan, would be interested in being part of future shows and working with AEW. Stardom would also be interested in booking AEW talent for a 12/30 show at Sumo Hall, although neither side has talked as best we can tell.

The December event in Tokyo would be part of the build up to New Japan’s biggest event of the year, Wrestle Kingdom, which happens every January 4-5 in the Toyko Dome. It’s their WrestleMania, if you will, and Bushiroad would like to encourage as many fans as possible to travel internationally and attend multiple shows. Having AEW women on that Dec. 30 Stardom card would help that cause.

If you’re wondering about the men of AEW being involved in Wrestle Kingdom 17, that’s probably unlikely, since Jan. 4, 2023 is a Wednesday. Meltzer seems to indicate some All Elite talent could work those shows though. And in the future? As Ohbari said about AEW x Stardom... never say never.

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