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There may still be a chance we'll see Bret Hart in AEW

WWE’s YouTube

Fans seem to want Bret Hart to do more with AEW. AEW stars like CM Punk and FTR definitely want to do more with Bret Hart. But a report last week indicated AEW didn't think they could do anything with Bret Hart because of a "lucrative" deal he has with WWE.

The new Wrestling Observer Newsletter (which also gave us last week's report) has more on Hart's WWE contract, and it gives a glimmer of hope we could see The Hitman on an AEW show again before his latest deal with Vince McMahon expires. It now looks like Bret’s contract with WWE is only for merchandising. Dave Meltzer doesn’t know if that means Hart can legally work with Tony Khan’s company, but a merch deal wouldn’t seem as prohibitive as Legends one.

Seems like something we could get answers to once TK, Bret, and some lawyers get on a conference call. Until then...

Meltzer does say there are currently no plans for Bret to be at Double Or Nothing. But with the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament finals set for that PPV, it always seemed unlikely he’d be on the same show as Dr. Martha Hart.

Do you think there’s a chance we’ll see The Hitman in AEW?

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