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Here are some of the ways FTR paid tribute to Bret and Owen Hart on Dynamite

FTR members Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler are both super fans of the Hart family, a legendary wrestling dynasty. That’s the main reason why Dax and Cash fought against each other last night (Apr. 27) on Dynamite in a qualifying match for next month’s Owen Hart Foundation tournament.

If you predicted their singles match would pay tribute to Hart matches of the past, then you were right! At the very least, I thought we might we see the finish from Bret vs. Owen at WrestleMania 10, with one FTR member winning by sitting down on a victory roll from the other man. That spot did indeed happen when Dax sat down on Cash, but it wasn’t the finish.

That was just one of several spots that paid tribute to the Harts. Check out this cut of how Dax and Cash incorporated several Hart spots into their bout:

Pretty neat, huh?

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