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HOOK finally speaks!

Last night’s (Apr. 22) episode of AEW Rampage continued the ongoing story that’s been playing out in recent weeks between HOOK and Danhausen. Danhausen has repeatedly tried to curse HOOK, but it has never worked. HOOK has silently brushed him off at every turn, much to Danhausen’s dismay.

Last night, however, something unprecedented happened when Danhausen once again confronted the handsome devil. HOOK finally spoke!

See that, all it took was for Danhausen to scatter HOOK’s chips all over the floor for him to finally get the guy’s attention.

Right before HOOK pressed Danhausen up against the wall, Danhausen made it clear that he wants a match against him.

Is HOOK even more intimidating now that he speaks? When do you think we’ll see him square off with Danhausen inside an AEW ring?

Let us know your thoughts on the HOOK / Danhausen drama in the comments below, Cagesiders.

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