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Jade Cargill’s undefeated streak continues after beating Marina Shafir

The main event of tonight’s episode of Rampage featured Jade Cargill defending the TBS championship against Marina Shafir. AEW has spent the last several weeks hyping this match up as Jade’s biggest challenge yet.

The undefeated champ had the numbers game on her side for this bout. Mark Sterling and The Baddies all got involved to cause distractions and even attack Marina when the referee wasn’t paying attention.

Even with all of those factors working against her, Shafir still managed to bring Cargill within seconds of tapping out multiple times, because Jade’s showboating left her lower body vulnerable to Shafir’s grip.

Jade ultimately used her power to break Marina’s grip, hammering her boot down onto the challenger’s skull repeatedly until Shafir was knocked loopy. That’s all the champ needed to pick Marina up and put her away with her Jaded finishing move.

That’s how Cargill retained the TBS title, improving her undefeated record to 30-0 in the process. Mark Sterling and The Baddies joined her in the ring to celebrate.

What did you think of Cargill vs. Shafir, Cagesiders?

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