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AEW x NJPW is great and all, but let’s talk HOOK x Danhausen

During his latest visit to Robbie Fox’s Mom’s Basement, AEW head honcho said he’s very excited for HOOK and Danhausen’s “journey together”.

What does that mean? We’ve watched the demon waif try and fail to curse HOOK for weeks. Last night (April 20) after the Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil picked apart Anthony Henry in his Dynamite debut match, Danhausen tried again. He failed again.

Then he did something he seemed to immediately regret.

Will Danhausen’s first AEW match come against HOOK? What tomfoolery will that entail before the inevitable REDRUM? Do we then get a Booker T & Goldust-style tag team? What will the alchemy of Tony Khan’s viral sensations yield? Will HOOK be able to maintain momentum working with a comedy act — even one as inventive-hausen as the Very Nice, Very Evil One?

Let us know what you think-hausen, fellow HOOK-ers. And check out the rest of the highlights from last night’s Dynamite. As usual, AEW doles out YouTube videos slowly. But we’ve compiled what they’ve released as of this morning in a playlist, and tried to catch you up with the rest of the episode via Twitter clips below that.

  • CM Punk Survives Dustin Rhodes but is he Ready for the AEW World Champion?
  • AEW x NJPW Combine Forces for the Announcement that Rocked the World
  • Was Darby Allin Finally Able to Bury Andrade El Idolo in a Coffin Match?

For complete results and the live blog for Dynamite this week click here. To read a complete recap & review of all the night’s events click here.

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