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We just got our first CM Punk/Hangman Page staredown

The next AEW World title feud is taking shape, and looks like it will feature some of the Best Cowboy $#!+ in the World.

CM Punk and Dustin Rhodes opened the April 20 Dynamite in Pittsburgh. Fans were expecting a clinic from these two ring generals, and we got one.

Each man sold at least one body part — Rhodes a knee he tweaked falling to the floor, Punk a little of the damage Penta Oscura did to his knee from last week, a lot of the damage Dustin did to his arm this week. In the end, Punk countered a counter to pick up the win.

A touching show of mutual respect followed...

...then the Best in the World signaled for a belt. He’s working to strengthen his record and earn a show at Hangman Page, after all. And fresh off ending his blood feud with Adam Cole last Friday on Rampage, Page appeared to signal he’d be happy to give the Best in the World what he wants.

Cowboy Shit.

Get complete results and coverage of everything that happened on tonight’s Dynamite here.

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