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AEW Battle of the Belts II fallout: Did Sammy Guevara cut a heel promo?

AEW Battle of Belts II is in the books, and the roving media caught up with a few participants for backstage comments. Sammy Guevara soaked in the glory of being a three-time TNT champion, Scorpio Sky vowed revenge, and Jay Lethal issued a warning to Samoa Joe.

Sammy Guevara had a message for his haters after winning the TNT Championship from Scorpio Sky.

Sammy Guevara: Alright, alright, here we are. Four-time, baby. Three-time undisputed, one-time interim. That’s four TNT titles for me. I feel right where I’m supposed to be. On top of the world, baby. On top of the world with you. (Kiss to Tay Conti.) The love of my life, right?

So, some of you all out there counted me out saying I can’t do something. You’re the same people ain’t doing nothing with your entire lives, right? I’m doing what they said I couldn’t, because I knew I could. Do what they say you can’t to become what you know you are. I knew I was a champion long before I had this title. This title just proves what I’ve always known. Sammy Guevara is a f---king champion. And be mad. Be real mad, because this title isn’t the only title going to be on our shoulders.

Hmm, did Guevara just cut a heel promo? The boos from live crowds have been increasing each week recently. This could be Sammy embracing the jeers for a turn, or it could be a simple message telling haters to shove it. I’m not sure which side weighs heavier.

On one hand, Sammy oozes cockiness with his swagger. He obviously isn’t applying the rule of turning the other cheek. That will no doubt make some people view him negatively. It is also going to make the fans that don’t like him boo even louder.

On the other hand, Sammy has a positive message within his promo. “Do what they say you can’t to become what you know you are.” People don’t achieve greatness by giving in to naysayers. I really like the second half of his promo as a ‘chip on his shoulder’ success story.

As for Scorpio Sky, he is coming for payback. Sky swears deep inside his soul that he will bury Sammy. Also, Ethan Page had a blazing hot promo.

In other action on Battle of the Belts II, Samoa Joe thwarted post-match chaos brought on by Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, and Signam Singh. Lay Lethal laid out the story. Joe stuck his nose in their business at ROH Supercard of Honor. Singh beating down Joe on Dynamite made them even to settle the score. But now Joe butted in their business again.

Based on that promo, the direction seems to be a tag match of Lethal & Singh against Joe & Jonathan Gresham.

What’s your take on Sammy Guevara’s promo?

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