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AEW’s giant Satnam Singh redeems himself after ROH world title fight at Battle of the Belts II

The wrestling world was divided over the arrival of Satnam Singh to AEW earlier in the week on Dynamite. The 7’3” giant was sight to behold, but criticism came over the execution of his debut. Singh wasn’t given much of a chance to strut his stuff, so fans questioned if he was stud or stiff. Singh put those worries to rest by redeeming himself with a post-match attack at Battle of the Belts II.

Jonathan Gresham successfully retained the ROH World Championship using an octopus submission on Dalton Castle.

Business picked up in the aftermath when Singh marched to the ring. The giant was flanked by Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt. Singh double chokeslammed the Tate twins, who were acting as Castle’s Boys. Singh tossed Castle into the ring steps, then he entered the ring to confront the 5’4” Gresham. The champ didn’t back down.

As Gresham was distracted gazing at the giant, Lethal came in from the side for a Lethal Injection handspring cutter. Singh goozled Gresham to slam repeatedly into the mat. Lee Moriarty ran in for the save. Lethal and Dutt stepped aside allowing Singh to handle the situation. Singh pancaked Moriarty. Matt Sydal hobbled into the ring hitting Singh with his crutch to no effect. As Singh prepared a powerbomb Sydal, Samoa Joe’s music hit.

Joe hand a metal pipe in hand. Singh appeared eager to engage in fisticuffs, but he immediately retreated once Joe stepped into the ring.

As far as I’m concerned, Singh is redeemed. He served destruction with true monster aura. The matter of match skills still remain a mystery, but Singh showed he can hit power moves and work the role of pro wrestling giant. Plus, Singh is a stylish dresser. That is no easy feat for a man of his size.

What’s your opinion regarding Satnam Singh after that display of action?

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